A couple of nice juicy boobies for Thanksgiving

She has always had men stare at her boobs, and check out her ass, and it’s always enjoyable to have male attention. Ellie knows how to seduce any man with her flawless body. Today she has a guyfriend coming over for Thanksgiving dinner. He is up for some cake, and she brings it over. What he didn’t plan on is that her tits would be covered in the cake’s topping! The minute the guy sees her naked tits, he loses it. “Will you help me clean them up?” she asks like a sly little vixen. Of course, he will! Once he licks her amazing tits clean, the girl strips and gets on the table. She spreads her legs in front of him to show him her wet pussy. She starts rubbing her meaty labia and her big clit, bringing herself to an orgasm in front of him. This busty teen slut just can’t stand it anymore, she gets down on her knees and grabs his cock with both hands. She sucks his shaft, licking and kissing all over his cock and his balls. Her perfectly dark brunette hair falls to the side as Ellie gags on this massive schlong. He takes the initiative and explores her throat as hard as he can. Next up, they’re naked on her couch. He insists she takes everything off except her elegant boots. Oh, the pretty sounds they make. He has his way with her pussy in missionary, doggy, and cowgirl. The view of her big tits turns him so much. He can’t stop sucking her pink nipples, making her cum even harder all over his cock. Once he gets her in reverse cowgirl, you can only hear the sound of his balls hitting her asshole. The dude is more than willing to cum inside her, but he isn’t sure if Ellie wants it. When she says it’s okay, he fires away. Now that Ellie’s pussy is stuffed, it’s time for the real desert.






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