I fill up my girlfriend with many creampies!

My girlfriend Blake has always been a freak in the sheets. She loves exploring things in the bedroom. For my birthday, she pulled out all the stops. Blake knows I have an obsession with creampies. I’ve always wanted to paint her walls with my hot cum and see it all leaking out of her. When I saw her fingering her beautiful pussy on our bed, clad in her sheer white stockings, I knew I was in for a wild ride. She pulled my cock free from the comfiness of my pants, and her mouth watered. I love her reactions to my manhood. She always acts as if it’s our first time. Her enthusiasm showed when she deepthroated me instantly. I’ve become accustomed to her warm mouth. Blake was keen on spitting and covering her tits in it. I always found it incredibly dirty. She wrapped her slender fingers around my stiff shaft and pumped it a few times. Her blowjob skills were out of this world. I could go on like this for ages, but I was eager to put my cock in her cunt. My beautiful blonde babe went to lay on the bed and spread her legs as wide as she could. Her flexibility was astonishing. I smashed my cock inside her dripping pussy, and it took a few strokes before I was cumming for the first time. My hot jizz oozed out of her, and she pulled her ass cheeks apart for a better view.


I didn’t waste any time and slammed my cock back inside her cum filled pussy. The cum mixed with her juices made it easy to glide in and out. I set a slow pace, savoring the feeling around my dick. A few moments later, I was cumming again, filling her up and spilling out. Blake went red with desire. I knew she wanted to do it again. She mounted my lap and held her ass cheeks apart so my cock would slide in easily. Hot sticky cum literally was squirting out of her pussy with her every movement. My cum was all over our bodies, sticking to my stomach and her legs. I pounded into her from underneath and came again with a grunt. Her moans edged me on to continue my strokes until our mixed juices slid out again. My cum slut then turned around and sat in the reverse cowgirl position. This way, I could finally get hold of her plump ass. I saw her running her fingers over her clit, and I came again to her delicious pants. Our favorite position is doggy style, so I pushed her to bend over and continued fucking her. My movements were erratic as I was chasing another high. She begged for another orgasm and one more wet cumshot. I thrust in all the previous jizz and gave her another round of creampie, watching as it slid out over my cock. Blake was too far gone at this point to stop, and our fuck fest continued for the whole day. I don’t know where all of this cum came from, but she was always able to pull out the best of me. She gave me the best birthday gift of letting me creampie her pussy as many times as I wanted.






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