Three naked blonde lesbians eat each other out deliciously

What do you get when you put three stunning blondes in one room? The answer – a hot lesbian fuck fest! Two of the girls were blindfolded while the third lesbian slut gave out commands. The girls kissed and touched each other’s big tits. The blindfolds allowed them to explore every curve of their bodies, feeling it up with soft hands. One of the blondes lay down and spread her legs while her lover went down on her. However, she couldn’t take the blindfold anymore. She wanted to see her wet pussy up close. Both lesbians took it off and now all three were enjoying the show. The naughty blond continued licking her friend’s cunt. She sucked her clit and plunged her tongue into her entrance. Her ass was up in the air while she was bent down between her legs, so the third blonde went behind her. She licked around her pink ass hole, alternating between her sweet cunt and her puckered ass. All three naked girls were moaning in pleasure from the ministrations. Two of them decided to kneel in doggy style while the third poked around with her tongue. Their cunts were out in the open, and she slipped her fingers through their wet folds. After a while, the lesbians changed positions again. Only one remained in the place while the other two ate out her cunt and licked her ass hole. She didn’t know who was doing what but didn’t care. After a while, one of the naked blondes climbed up to kiss her hot friend while the third remained down to lick both of their cunts.


She praised the girls and their dripping pussies while fingering them slowly. The position changed again, and now the one eating them out was getting the royal treatment from the other two. They both pushed their tongues inside her entrance, fighting over who would lick it up the most. The lesbians were all horny and eager to stick their face in some sweet juices. Their tongues needed a break, so the two of them went to rub their pussies against each other while the third sucked on their tits. Their movements were starting to become frantic, chasing their climax, which was approaching fast. The blond lying down put her feet up and caressed her lover’s nipples. This action sent waves of pleasure straight to her friend’s cunt, all while she was still grinding frantically. The naked girls were incredibly close to cumming, so they sped up their movements. Their hips were swinging back and forth while they spat out dirty profanities at each other. It urged them on, and soon enough, the lesbians were squealing with pleasure as their climax took over. There was only one blond left to cum. Her friends pushed her down on the bed and took place between her legs again. One plunged her fingers inside her wet heat while the other licked and sucked on her clit. She was grinding her hips to meet the movements of both tongue and fingers, cumming shortly after.






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