Gamer girls are always wet from constantly playing video games

Gamer girl Katie likes it when her roommate starts sneakily touching her and fingering her wet pussy and even fucking her while she’s gaming with her bestie… at least until she realizes he’s doing the same thing to Leana! As the girls are lying on the floor flat on their stomachs and playing, he comes along. He’s being his “big Lebowski” self as usual when he sees Katie’s and Leana’s asses. Katie’s little ass is his favorite. He knows it very well and enjoys plugging her pussy and fingering her asshole during sex. However, Leana’s ass is new to him. It’s different. It’s somewhere between a bubble butt and a curvy girl’s ass. He gets on his knees and immediately goes to town on their panties. The first thing he does is pull Katie’s panties to the side. Her holes great him, ready as always. Leana’s butt proves to be a challenge. He has to make the girl go on all fours. When he sees her skin, he knows that she’s a PAWG. He fingers and rubs both these pussies. The girls don’t seem to mind. On the contrary, they keep moving their hips slowly and saying, “Yes!” Only a second later, he whips his huge dick out and penetrates Katie’s wet cunt. He goes in effortlessly. The girl has trouble containing herself as he plugs her. Of course, Leana notices how shitty her friend’s gameplay is, so she looks at her.


The girls get into a brief fight because Leana wants some dick also. He is more than happy to oblige, but first, Leana insists that Katie sits on her face. The girls tell him to sit down and be quiet while they have it out… and soon they’re licking each other’s pussies and scissoring. He is amazed at this site, but he wants his dick sucked. So, he stands up and starts fucking Katie’s face. The girl multitasks, playing video games, riding her friend’s face, and getting her throat fucked. Leana soon joins her because she wants that dicks to be nice and wet for her cunt. Katie gets dibs on riding the cock dough. Leana settles for riding Kyle’s face. Of course, the naked girls switch places only after a few minutes. The guest always gets the best. Leana falls in love with his cock instantly. He makes the gamer naked girls get on top of each other so he can switch between their holes. They resume playing their game when he places them both in missionary. His cock is going from one pussy to the other, back and forth. Nothing better than having sex with two girls. He fingers one while he fucks the other, and pretty soon, he feels close to cumming. As he pulls out of Leana’s big pussy, he sprays her asshole with his hot cum. In the confusion, Leana loses the game. Katie laughed at her and said that they could always go again.






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