A hot house cleaner agrees to have sex with me if I pay her

My new maid looks perfect. Her big breasts, firm butt, and flat stomach make her a real bombshell. I just couldn’t stop looking at her amazing body. I ended up offering her an extra $300 if she continued to clean my house fully naked! At first, she unconvincingly refused, but with a bit of persuasion, she agreed to the proposal. She took off her top and threw out two huge tits decorated with piercings on firm nipples in front of me. When she turned around and showed me her naked ass, it was enough to make my cock rise immediately. I started jerking as I watched her spin around me, challenging me with her hot body. The naked maid came to me and took my dick in her mouth started blowing my dick. Like a true professional, she first licked his head and then slowly began to take it into her juicy mouth. I could feel the stimulation and great excitement from the friction of the piercing she had on her tongue, giving me a phenomenal feeling. While she continued to smoke and jerk me off with her other hand, I couldn’t hold back any longer, and I had to enter her pussy right away. I told the naked girl to turn around and get on all fours and spread her ass cheeks with her hands like a real bitch. Having access to her tight ass, I entered her wet pussy and began to fuck her.


Energetically and forcefully, I thrust a big cock into her hole, and she was ready to meet each of my stabs. Her pussy was tight, and I could feel it all over as I slowly entered it. While I penetrated her, I started slapping her big ass. The naked babe turned me on even more when she started telling me to fuck her even harder and faster. We changed positions, and she rode me like a cowgirl. While looking at me provocatively with her brown eyes, she was letting me know that I should be grateful that I have the opportunity to fuck a girl like this. She was like a real little slut, jumping on my cock, constantly enjoying herself. When I started rubbing her clit while my cock was still inside her, she started cumming on my cock while I continued to fuck her hard. I was just getting warmed up, and I wanted to fuck her well if I had already paid her. I placed her on her back and went all the way in. She moaned loudly and begged me not to stop drilling her cunt. I picked up the pace more and more, wanting her to feel every inch of my big tool. With the last atom of strength, I pumped her while I hugged her tightly and held her close to me. When I felt that I was going to cum, I pulled my dick out of her pussy and put it on her face. I started spraying on her sweet face. It is certain that we will repeat this adventure many more times.






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