Naughty stepsis knows how to get her stepbro’s attention

She always fought with her stepbrother about the TV. He loved playing his video games and didn’t care about sharing the screen with his heart step sister. However, she found a way to get his attention from the TV. She pulled down her top, and her tits made him stop what he was doing. Blondi spread her legs on the couch, and her lime green thong didn’t hide much of her naked pussy. It didn’t take long for him to put aside his controller and slide down to come face-to-face with her little clit. Once he tasted her sweet juices, he was hooked immediately. His tongue did wonders on her small bud. His sexy stepsister encouraged him as he pressed kisses against her entrance and swirled his tongue around. Blondie couldn’t hide how impressed she was with his skills. She couldn’t believe her stepbrother was doing such a good job. He ate her cunt lightly, savoring the taste and listening to her sweet moans. After a while, she decided to return the favor. He pulled down his pants, and his long shaft sprang out. The skinny teen babe didn’t waste any time and slid her tongue along his length before taking him to the back of her throat. He was too big, so she used both of her hands to jerk him off as she sucked on his tip. Stepbro couldn’t believe he was missing out on such a good blowjob for a long time.


Now, he was the one letting out deep pants, encouraging her hair, and encouraging her to go faster. The teens were so turned on at this point that they could come without even having sex. But Blondie had a different plan. She straddled his laugh and sunk her tight pussy on his massive cock. Her pussy was so warm and wet and tight! Her pussy was on fire, her juices were leaking down both thighs. Her movements were slow and calculated as she bounced up and down with enthusiasm. His cock hit all of the correct places inside of her little pussy. At some point, the skinny naked girl started going faster, losing herself in the immense pleasure. After letting her bounce around, he decided to take control. We put a pillow on the couch, and she had her position so that her ass was up in the air. His thrusts were slow and calculated because he was savoring the feeling of being buried inside her warmth. His stepsis told him to move faster and deeper. He lost control of his movements and started pounding away. She couldn’t believe how good she was feeling. At one point, the teens held hands at the height of their pleasure. They were both close to coming, so they changed positions again. Now he was fucking her sideways with one leg up in the air, held by his rough hand. His cock was brushing against her G-spot with every precise thrust. It didn’t take long for them to reach their climax. They would definitely be doing this again sometime soon because it was fantastic.






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