The naughty professor wants to rate her student how well he fucks

The newly minted-professor wasted no time when she invited the guy to a meeting after the lecture. She welcomed him in her underwear, where her huge, firm breasts and toned body stood out. She teased him defiantly with her toned butt and small heart tattoo. She had a gorgeous body and she looked amazing in her black stockings and lingerie. The student did not hesitate and approached her with a stiff penis. The mean teacher knelt down and immediately stuffed his entire cock into her hungry mouth. Like a true slut, she sighed as she worked him deliciously. She suffocated in his thick flesh with her phenomenally deep throat, driving him all the way. Moaning like a real bitch, she was out of breath, but she didn’t give up until she rammed him all over his throat. Spitting on his cock like a real slut, she was now ready to receive his thick pounding deep in her wet holes. The sexy babe put her leg over the table and told him to drive it straight up her ass. He enjoyed the sight of her firm bottom as he penetrated her deeply. The butt plug did its job, so she pierced almost her entire ass without any problems. Wildly thrusting into her, he fucked her like a real slut as she screamed with pleasure, completely surrendering to the excitement. Her tight anus felt amazing around his dick. At her command, he began to spank her hard ass, which turned her on to the max. The sexy professor looked divine in this pose. Her white buttocks were red from the slapping, and she looked like a real insatiable slut. Telling him to fuck her even faster, he started pulling her by the hair, thrusting deep into her and feeling like she was going to cum very soon. Her legs began to shake with an orgasm! After only a few moments, he removed the swollen cock from her ass and sprayed it on her face.






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