Black stud fucks three saucy Spanish speaking sluts

The black hunk couldn’t understand a word these sluts were saying, but he didn’t need any knowledge of Spanish go fuck them. His black cock was stiff and ready, so he pounced on the first one in doggy style. The redhead moaned in her hot accent, and it sent waves of pleasure to his cock. Her ass bounced against his balls with every thrust. He loved watching her round cheeks clap while his dick plowed inside of her. Her glasses slid from her face, and she had the perfect fucked out expression after she came on his length. Her amazing big breasts were bouncing with his thrusts. Seeing that almost sent him over the edge. The second slut wanted a taste of his cock. Her blowjob started slowly, but he couldn’t help thrusting in her mouth once she started moaning in Spanish as well. After slobbering up his length, she climbed on it in reverse cowgirl. One leg was propped up on the couch to bounce more easily. He met her thrusts with his own and buried deep inside her cunt. Her pierced tits jiggled, and she caressed her hard nipples. The black stud couldn’t believe how lucky he got with these two birches. After making her cum hard, he moved on to the last horny woman. The blonde didn’t waste any time and spread her legs while lying on her back. Her legs were pulled up so that his cock reached deeper inside, brushing against her G-spot. She saw stars as his vicious thrusts became faster. Her Spanish was also impeccable, and it was like music to his ears. He could barely control his movements so as not to cum in her fat cunt before she reached her climax. As soon as the blonde got lost in her orgasm, she came as well. He would need to learn some Spanish in the future to pick up naughty women like these.






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