A married couple fuck for the first time in their new house

A freshly married couple decided to purchase a house and visited it through a real estate agency. They liked the place at first sight, but until they get fucked in the bedroom, they won’t know if it’s right for them. The pretty brunette welcomed him in sexy lingerie, which she immediately took off and offered her husband her ass and pussy. He started to lick and slap her ass while his sexy young wife writhed with pleasure. Moaning loudly, she twisted her handsome body, shaking with orgasm. She was completely wet, and her husband started to fuck her from behind like a real slut. She looked magnificent as he drilled her with his big cock while pulling her by her ponytail. What they didn’t know was that they were being watched. The house agent was watching them through the camera. The sexy teen babe was rubbing her hungry cunt, watching the couple have sex. As the man thrust into his wife, she begged him to let her cum. He picked up the pace and thrust it into her hard until she began to cum on his cock. She turned to him and wanted to taste her juices. She began to blow him vigorously, swallowing his thick cock deep into her throat. He loves it as she looks at him with her piercing green eyes as he fucks her juicy mouth. He filled her like that for a few more moments, and then he lay down on the bed and told her to ride him in the cowgirl position. Without hesitation, she jumped on him and began to grind her hips. Holding her hips tightly, the husband began to fuck her at full speed while kissing her big tits that jumped in front of his face. Climax was approaching, and he filled her with sperm, completely emptying his balls. The sex was excellent, and the house met all the criteria to be their new home.






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