Naked girl gets massaged, fucked and creampied by her masseur

When Saturday comes along, the young finance manager, Rissa, has her masseur come over. The dude knows his trade. He takes her straight from the shower to the massage table. She likes the attention. She likes it so much that she ditches her towel immediately. The dude goes to work on her tits with a small bottle of oil. Her nipples get erect from excitement. Of course, the little minx likes it very much. Her full young tits just need a strong man’s touch. That’s why she lies down on the massage table flat on her back and spreads her legs, asking him to massage her pussy as well. His finger slips in between her pussy lips and now he is massaging her clit. That’s it, sweetheart. Clench your pussy around his finger. His tongue slides between her pussy lips licking up all her juices. The masseur loves the view. Her little clit swells as he sucks on it. Her perfect asshole “breathes” as the guy buries his tongue inside. Not one minute passes, and his huge cock is inside her mouth. He pushes up, and she plunges her head down, but it just won’t fit. Perhaps her pussy can do a better job. Pretty soon, it’s filled up with cock. The naked girl moans and screams as her masseur makes her pussy his. The way they move from position to position, you can tell this isn’t the first time they’ve done it. He goes easy on her in missionary but absolutely annihilates her in doggy. Her amazing big tits bouncing wildly. He is massaging her insides with his dick, deep and hard. Rissa doesn’t mind. In fact, she wants him to use her hole as he sees fit. The dude fills it in missionary. “So, what?” Rissa thinks to herself, even though she isn’t on the pill. She gives her guy a sad look and asks if this means the fun is over. Of course not! Why? Because her trusty masseur is still hard. He fills her a few more times in cowgirl, sending deep inside her pussy more and more his semen.






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