Petite cutie ditches school to get freely used by her friend

Despite looking cute and adorable, Allie is extra naughty and decides to skip school. But skipping school is proving to be a more complex plan than expected. Allie wants her friend to join her on her day off, so she recruits Nicky’s help to impersonate her friend’s father and convince the principal that something terrible happened. She hands him a written message that he is supposed to read out to the principal on the phone. Whilst scrambling through the papers, he slides off Allie’s panties and watches as she spreads her legs wide open on the kitchen counter. They continue to read out the lines as he tenderly kisses her inner thighs and eventually has a taste of her sweet snatch. Within minutes of eating her bald pussy out and studying the script, he finally felt like he was ready to test out the plan, but before he grabbed the phone, Allie had already dropped to her knees and began sucking him off. Since both have agreed to the free-use rules, he doesn’t bat an eye and dials up the school with a hint of fear in his voice. Despite trying to stay focused on the conversation, he can’t stop his voice from shaking each time the tip of his dick reaches the back of Allie’s cute little throat. Unfortunately for them, the principal’s not so easy to fool, and he calls them out for trying to ditch.


Instead of giving up and going to class, they brainstorm new ideas as the petite babe arches her back and takes every inch of his cock in her tight twat from behind. Even though Allie kept her composure perfectly so far, her sensual moans swiftly start slipping out the rougher he thrusts her. Suddenly, the horny teens think of another idea that involves her dad’s car, so they rush into the garage to start it up. Although the blondie is in a hurry, she can’t let him ride the car until she’s finished satisfying his thick meat, so she drops to her knees to slobber it up with her mouth again. Once it’s all covered with her drool, she slides her sexy petite body onto his and begins riding his manhood with passion. Her young tight pussy feels so good and her slender figure turns him on so much. While she adores being the one in control, her legs soon begin to shiver, and within minutes, she has her first intense orgasm whilst he’s still deep in her. Somehow he managed not to bust, so without wasting a second, he put her into missionary to keep fucking her balls deep. His cock brings her to another orgasm, and one more, before he covers her skinny belly with his cum. Mr. Trainor was suspicious about the call, so he decides to investigate what’s going on. Will he catch this little slut in her lies?






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