Stepsiblings keep it in the family with the help of their stepparents

Stepmom Pristine tries her best to be a model parent. She loves her stepkids, Rissa and Rion, very much. She would let them get away with anything. However, she has been hearing some strange noises from their bedroom recently. Today, she decides to snoop around a bit, and lo’ and behold, there they are, having oral sex! They’re a pair of horny eighteen-year-olds. They only have sex on their minds, but still, they shouldn’t be trying it on each other. Seeing her stepdaughter suck her stepson’s cock makes her feel angry but also a little jealous. Once the boy pulls out a condom, Mrs. Pristine decides that this has gone on too far. She needs to teach her slutty stepdaughter a few manners. The teens are ashamed, but when she mentions that Rion’s father will have a talk with them, the two know something is up. When the old man arrives, he’s ashamed of what his stepson has done but doesn’t blame him for it. He tells both teens that he and Pristine are swingers and that he probably got it from him. They encourage them to act on their fantasies but only with their parental supervision. Next thing you know, the naked mom is sucking on her stepson’s dick, and the horny old man is fingering his stepdaughter’s young pussy. The old pervy swingers fuck each other’s offspring like it’s no big deal. Rion gets to fuck Rissa’s sweet pussy in doggy while he sees his stepfather fuck his stepmom. Both naked girls ride their dicks, having multiply orgasms. The guys make the girls eat others out as they plow them. After placing both naked girls in 69, Rion and his dad tell them to get on their knees and wait for their facials. In a second, Rissa and Pristine’s faces are covered in cum. Now, the parents are sure their stepkids are safe and sound.






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