Petite white girl gets multiple deep creampies from an enormous BBC

Despite being a petite and cute white girl, Skylar can’t help but show off her true raunchy side when she’s in front of a handsome black dude. Since he’s twice her size, the tiny girl doesn’t even have to bend over to grab his bulge. After stroking it in their backyard with pure joy in her eyes for a couple of minutes, Sklyar quickly pulled him into the house and rushed to the bedroom. Once there, she instantly drops on all fours onto the bed and opens her mouth wide in hopes of having her throat stretched out. The second she feels the tip of his huge Ebony dick on her tongue, she can’t help but smile with excitement and rub her tongue beneath it. Although Sklar’s mouth is tiny, she manages to get a good amount of his shaft within seconds of blowing him. Soon enough, the blonde hottie gets too wet to maintain her composure, and luckily for her, she’s already slobbered on his BBC enough for him to slide it into her. As she turns around with her ass facing him, she excitedly spreads her cute little bubble butt and watches as he slowly inches himself closer to her. Once he’s shoved the tip inside, he begins thrusting ever so gently, but soon the tightness of her pussy made it impossible to stay calm. Instead of easing her in, he starts thrusting every inch of his humongous black dick into her, and despite being tiny, Skylar can’t help but moan out loud from the euphoric feeling of being stretched out.


Within minutes of spanking her pretty white booty cheeks and plowing her from behind, he couldn’t stop himself from busting deep inside her sugar walls. Her vagina is too small for such an amount of sperm, and it starts overflowing over the edge. Cumming too early is no problem for this buff Ebony hunk of a man since his BBC is still rock-hard and ready to plow, and the little cum slut is ready to jump on it with pure joy in her eyes. As she climbs on top, she starts bouncing with all of her strength, forcing her cum filled cunt down onto the huge black penis. With each downward motion of her tiny body, the cum squirts out of her pussy as if pumped. Unfortunately for her, she’s not in control for far too long because her legs quickly start shivering from the sheer size of his manhood. Instead of letting her catch her breath, he turns the naked girl around and tells her to hold him tightly as he uses her pussy like his own personal sex doll. It doesn’t take long before he creampies her sweet white fanny again, but just like the last time, his enormous cock is still ready for action. So far, he’s been pummeling her without a care in the world, but for the finale, he wants to stare deep into her eyes and have a good view of her petite frame. To do so, he spreads her legs wide open and pounds her in missionary until both of them have their final orgasm.






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