Step-aunt catches her nephew perving on her and gives him the real thing

On her first day of vacation, Chloe catches her step-nephew Ethan perving on her! This little weirdo was playing with her dirty panties and taking secret pics of her while she was showering. When she confronts him, he says he was forced to do so. Regardless, his auntie is disappointed and wants to be repaid for having to go through this uncomfortable situation. He offers her his new car, but that’s not what she has in mind. Instead, she drops her towel and sits on his face! Her meaty pussy lips cover his mouth completely. The sexy babe begins grinding her clit back and forth all over his face, smearing his face with her juices and driving his tongue deep inside. A little later, she grabs his cock. That’s right! She nearly sixty-nines him. The boy doesn’t mind this little game at all, and besides, Aunt Chloe’s pussy tastes amazing. She has a great mouth on her, as Ethan soon learns. She literally jerks his cock off with her throat. Chloe tries to hide it, but she’s really impressed by how big his cock is. That’s why she puts in a little extra effort. He eyes water, and even her long-conquered gag reflex acts up. She never goes this deep and hard for her hubby. To give her throat a rest, she climbs onto a cock and rides it hard. The guy falls in love with that cunt instantly. He fucks her back. He sees just how much control he has over his auntie. He takes some initiative and makes her go into reverse cowgirl. He loves seeing that perfect bubble butt bounce on his dick. The young guy takes her in doggy and even rubs her asshole. She cums on his cock many times over and then lies on her back. He enters her pussy in missionary and fucks her until his cock erupts with cum. He pulls out, but auntie begs him to put it in afterward. “Geez, Chloe, you’re as much a pervert as I am, huh?”






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