A lucky bakery worker serves a voluptuous blonde with his big sausage

The bakery man did not expect the following strange events when the bombastic blonde came to the bakery. Dressed in a top that revealed her ample breasts and with tattoos all over her body, she looked like a real bitch looking for a big cock. When she asked for a BIG sandwich, she meant a big dick. The confused worker was amazed when she shamelessly showed him her naked tits that beckoned him to come and kiss them. The babe approached him and immediately unbuttoned his pants, from which a huge cock flew out. She said with a smile that she had come to the right place. She started jerking his shaft and licking his head with her tongue. The worker immediately got up and watched in disbelief as this blue slut swallowed his entire tool. He started to face fuck her forcefully, grabbing her by the head. She didn’t resist and swallowed his cock deep down her throat. The sexy blonde climbed onto the stand and spread her legs, inviting him to lick her shaved pussy. The guy got abnormally horny and started to treat her with his tongue. Inserting his fingers into her and licking her clit, the sweet girl enjoyed as he gave her oral pleasure. She was squeezing her huge tits with her hands while experiencing an intense orgasm at the same time. That was just the beginning of the enjoyment he would experience. The guy was now ready to fuck her as she deserved. He slowly began to penetrate the shaved cunt of this horny slut.


Entering slowly at first, playing with her pussy, she waited with anticipation when he would thrust it into her again. And when she least expected it, he began to penetrate her quickly and deeply. The horny slut began to moan as he drilled her wet cunt. You could hear the swish of his cock as he filled her deeply. She surrendered to him entirely and became a real obedient bitch. She told him that he can do whatever he wants with her and fuck her however he wants. He turned her around to have a view of her round juicy ass and thrust it deep into her behind. He thrust into her, holding her tightly by the hips, while she surrendered her body to him to do whatever he wanted with him. Her big ass was shaking as he filled her tight pussy mercilessly. Suddenly, footsteps were heard at the front door. A hot girl entered the bakery to buy a sandwich. The horny blonde crawled under the counter and started swallowing his cock while he was taking the order of the hot girl, who didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. She only wondered why this baker was so excited while preparing her sandwich and why he was acting so anxious. But if she could have seen from a bird’s eye view, she could have witnessed the sight of a slutty blonde swallowing the cum of a lucky bakery man while making her a meal.






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