Girl scout loses both her vaginal and anal virginity with her scout leaders

Lauren was one of the most promising Preparedness Scouts in her unit, so imagine her delight when her scout leader, Claudia took her to meet their district commissioner for a private meeting. She wanted to have the position of troupe leader since she first entered the program. Claudia offered her the chance to make that dream come true. All she had to do was sacrifice her virgin pussy to their District commissioner. Will the teen girl hold true to her morals, or will she succumb to pleasuring Mr. Melville and Claudia so that she can earn her badges without worry? It was time to show the leaders what she was made of. Claudia and the man took off her clothes and positioned her to lay back against the woman while the commissioner licked her young virgin pussy. She never expected to feel such intense pleasure. He placed the head of his cock at the entrance of her honey pot and, in one quick movement, penetrated her fully from behind. Her little cunt was so tight. He withdrew slowly until only the head remained inside her then he plunge hard all the way in again. He repeated this, withdraw slowly—plunge in quickly, again and again, quickening the pace a little each time. He reached up, finding her perky titties, rubbed them vigorously. She began to shake uncontrollably as her orgasm builds. After he prepared her innocent cunt they changed positions, and now Lauren was sucking him off. The girl had never sucked cock yet alone seen them in porn videos before. Claudia sat between her legs and continued licking her pussy. The commissioner urged Lauren to take as much in her mouth as she could. She complied quickly and deepthroated the man. They moved around a bit, and Lauren’s ass was in the air with Claudia sucking her cunt. She never stopped sucking the man’s dick. Lauren was ready to take that hard cock in her pussy now.


They adjusted, and now she was getting pounded in doggy style while licking the other woman’s clit and soaking entrance. They praised her for doing such an excellent job. Claudia wanted to feel the man’s cock, so she straddled his lap and sank. Lauren sat on his face, and the naked girls looked at each other while getting ravished by the hunky man. Their moans echoed in the room, and tensions were growing higher. It was time for the girl to show how ready she was. The naked girls switched places, and the commissioner put his cock into Lauren’s ass hole while Claudia sat behind her head. She had never tried to finger her asshole, but she loved the feel of the hot man’s dick rubbing inside her ass! The mature woman placed her fingers on Laura’s clit and rubbed her vigorously. Her ass hole was extremely tight, and it sucked the man’s cock right in. They went on like this for a while, praising Lauren for her incredible pussy and ass. She was one step closer to getting her position, but they weren’t done yet. Lauren now had to ride the man’s dick while Claudia sat on his face. Her legs were slowly giving out from all the pleasure, but she kept a steady pace and bounced around. Claudia was too fucked out to take control, so she let the commissioner suck on her pussy while she watched Lauren. She praised her again for her incredible skills and got hornier seeing her expression. Both girls were close to cumming. Soon enough, Claudia came undone on the man’s tongue while Lauren screamed out as her climax hit. The commissioner followed after them, spilling his cum deep inside Lauren’s warm cunt. The three of them were fucked out beyond belief, but at least Lauren secured her position as troupe leader.






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