Cheating wife gets double penetrated right next to her blind husband

Jennifer always has a cock ready to satisfy her during the day. The medical worker is always in the house because of her husband and offers his big cock daily for this milf to satisfy her needs. But today, when the delivery guy knocked on the door, Jennifer had an idea. Why have only one dick when you can have two at the same time? She invited the guy in and immediately unbuttoned his pants from the door. She was amazed when she saw a huge dick dangling in front of her face. Just the way she likes it. She began to lick and swallow him lustfully while looking at the confused guy, who slowly came to his senses and began to relax. Her blind husband could not notice what his wife was doing in his presence. Jennifer dragged the guy into the living room and placed herself in a doggy position, preparing to take his cock all the way in her cunt. When the big cock entered her, only a soft moan could be heard from this slutty pupil. She quietly told him that he was doing the best he could and that she would give him a big tip later if he was good. While he was drilling her from behind like a slut, her regular fucker also came across and ended up taking care of her husband. He immediately offered her his cock, and slutty Jennifer immediately stuffed it in her mouth.


She was in a sandwich where two dicks filled both of her holes. Since she can never get enough of a good fuck, she suggested to them that she wants to receive two cocks at the same time. He wants to get double penetration and fulfill her long-perverted fantasy. She invited them to the guest room and got ready to experience incredible hardcore fucking. She rode the dude’s in a cowgirl position and arranged her ass for the delivery guy to enter her big juicy ass. When he filled her ass with his big cock, Jennifer was filled to the max. She couldn’t hold back and started moaning from the abnormal pleasure that these two big cocks gave her. The guy who drilled her pussy kissed her huge tits, while the delivery guy delivered hardcore anal, sometimes slapping her ass. They were a well-coordinated team, and it was as if they had done this several times before. She got up from their cocks and immediately began to put them in their mouths, wanting to feel her juices. She got into a reverse cowgirl position and turned them on even more. While she was taking a big cock in her ass, another guy started to enter her trimmed pussy. In this trio, they fucked her like machines, never stopping for a second. Horny Jennifer was so loud that even her husband could hear her from the room. But later, she will tell him that the noise is from the porn movies she watches to pass the time.






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