My girlfriend lets me cum inside her several times in a row

I wanted to surprise my girlfriend Kylie by buying her a new sexy toy. With great delight, she immediately wanted to try it. She put a vibrator on the device and got an actual sex toy mount. She immediately jumped on him and started to enjoy the penetration of her pussy. I watched it all as if in a play, at the same time jerking off my cock, which was at full size in the blink of an eye. When she got horny enough, she knelt and started jerking my dick. She could barely grasp my tool with her small hands. She began to tug at the root of my penis while she started to lick my head with her tongue. Looking at me with her sky-blue eyes, she looked like an angel who came from heaven. She began to put my dick deep into her tiny mouth, as far as it would go. Doing a phenomenal deep throat and blowjob, I was so horny that I had to fuck her right away. I told her to lie on the couch and spread her slim legs. She dutifully fulfilled my request, expecting me to penetrate her deeply. I entered her tight pussy. It was tight yet moist, and I could get inside without problems. She was looking at me lovingly, enjoying my every thrust into her hole. I felt like I was going to cum looking at her beautiful face, and I wanted to stop. But today, my slutty girlfriend wanted me to fill her with sperm several times. She told me to cum freely inside her and that this was the beginning. I started to pick up the pace and had an incredible orgasm as I filled her pussy with my sperm.


While my cum was still pouring down her opening, I wasted no time and immediately continued to drill her. I put her in a doggy position and started to insert it all the way. Her little ass challenged me and just made me fuck her faster. She sensed that I was going to cum again and permitted me to fill her again. Her tight pussy turned me on, and I came again into my girlfriend’s sweet pussy. I didn’t stop fucking her even though I was utterly drained. I lay on the bed and put her in a reverse cowgirl position. My cock was still hard, and I continued to drill her plastered cunt. She begged me in her gentle voice not to stop and to continue thrusting it into her. I penetrated her with the last atoms of strength, not feeling my cock anymore. I thought that I was going to cum again, and I told her to get down on her knees and blow it for me. Like an agile cat, she jumped up and started working on my swollen cock. With her phenomenal smoking skills that she possesses, I cum for the third time, completely left without energy. Kissing me, she thanked me for the new gift.






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