Naughty teen seduces her college roommate’s handsome dad at lunch

When Dema’s college roommate came to lunch with her handsome dad, the cute blonde already had a plan. She had a crush on her friend’s dad for a long time and wanted to fulfill her sexual fantasy. When they were alone, she told him that she was waiting for him in her room and that she wanted to taste his cock. The experienced dad snuck out of the living room and immediately headed to the appointed place. The petite babe welcomed him with her legs spread, showing him her shaved little pussy. He immediately went down to her and started licking her with his tongue. While he was giving her incredible pleasure, he was squeezing her small tits with his hands, which were tempting him with their hard nipples. She was completely wet and wanted to taste his cock. The penis in her little hands looked huge, but petite Demi didn’t give up and tried to stuff it all into her sweet little mouth. The freckles on her face gave her a unique charm as she looked at him and licked his head with her tongue. He had to enter her immediately and placed her on the bed, lifting her legs on his shoulders. He immediately began to forcefully enter her tight pussy, thrusting his entire cock into her. The small girl watched in disbelief as she received a huge cock. She began to moan quietly, restraining herself so that the guests from the living room would not hear her. The guy was drilling her hole mercilessly, and when he started to squeeze her neck lightly, Demi couldn’t hold back and cummed on his cock. When he picked her up and started to fuck her while standing, the horny girl lost her mind, digging her nails into his back while kissing his neck.






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