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With over 50 erotic films coming out per year, it’s hard to pick a favourite or even a top ten! So this year I’ve enlisted the help of some of our story writers and the great lady and founder herself, Anna Richards, to give me their favourite Frolicme 2023 erotic movies of the year and why.

As the stories’ editor, sometimes I will assign films to writers when I know their particular writing voice and style will be perfect for a certain erotic sex movie. But sometimes, writers approach me desperate to write for a scene they’ve found particularly inspiring! I always try to accommodate my writers’ wishes as you can be sure of a super hot story when you know the author has connected with the film.

Sarah Michelle Lynch has written some fantastically sexy stories this year and shares her thoughts:

Paramount for me and what really grabs me as a viewer is when the couple on screen clearly have amazing chemistry, and the film, Revved Up, featuring some great car sex which I wrote for this year really embodies this. Fan favourites George and Antonia have filmed together before and each time, they seem to have no problems reconnecting and there’s no doubt about it, the imagination runs riot when these two are on screen. I love writing about them because there’s that age gap and yet, I think Antonia’s confidence still sort of awes the more mature and experienced George, which is a wonderful thing. 

New Found Love, is another film that captured my attention this year. The actors Charlie and Jimmy are able to portray why the romance genre takes the lion’s share of readers. There’s nothing more satisfying when reading a romance novel than when the two characters you’ve got to know are about to have sex for the first time. Isn’t it why readers keep coming back for more? That new-love anticipation, excitement and the whole build-up is addictive. Plus, the whole hotel aspect in this is very sexy and watching them getting to know one another’s bodies is captured to perfection with this film—sensational!

PJA Woode:

When Tabitha suggested I write a story to accompany the film Young Loveshe couldn’t have made a more appropriate choice. She knows that my wife and I can be found naked on some of the more secluded beaches of Europe, but she did not know that the erotic film came very close to what actually happened to us last summer. We were lying on this unbelievably remote beach when some hikers walked past. They waved, headed up the beach and stripped off. Nothing unusual in that—we weren’t wearing any clothes ourselves. But then they proceeded to start fucking. And they put on an amazing show for us, which really turned us on.

This film reminded me so much of that beach. Anya has the most wonderful body and a totally charming smile. Her natural beauty and long, dark hair are perfect for the beach setting. And Chris has an absolutely stunning cock! Great casting, but what does it for me is the location. It looks as if there is a fort on the cliff behind them. How on earth can you shoot a porn film here in what seems to be quite a public spot? I love the risk-taking, which makes this film so deliciously brazen and so fabulously raunchy.

In Cinema XXX, the combination of synthesised music and a dimly-lit, intimate cinema recreates the feel 70s from the outset. And given that I turned 18 in the late 70s, this was a heady, testosterone-packed decade resonant with memories of trips to London’s Soho, where I’d walk past cinemas like this but never dare go inside even though I was legally able to.

Only Frolicme could film a sex movie in front of a screening of a porn film. The backdrop isn’t just any old porn film, either. It’s the classic foursome Party On, filmed in the back of a limo.

Details like this are one of the many stand-out features of Anna’s films. Others in the film are the casting—two jaw-droppingly stunning blondes in Cherry and Lucy, their matching blue lingerie and both wearing lashings of gold jewellery. Another great touch is the simultaneous girl on girl kissing—in the film within the film—at the same time as Cherry and Lucy are locked on to each other’s lips in front of Steve who was sitting quietly on his own before all the action started. Now all this is the hallmark of a pretty damn clever director.

Cherry and Lucy provocatively pop open a bottle of fizz, toast and kiss each other in a way that suggests they are already highly charged by each other. But for me it’s the cheeky look that Lucy gives Cherry before they put on a show for Steve, that really gets my pulse racing. It just gets hotter from here as the two girls continue kissing each other as they slowly unbutton Steve’s shirt and unzip his trousers.

Snippets of dialogue just tease us more, as when Cherry says she wants to see how big Steve’s cock is after slipping it out of her mouth. And I just love it when Steve has his hands on each girl’s pussy, while he kisses Lucy and as Cherry bobs up and down on his rock-hard cock. It’s the constant interaction, the undoubted chemistry and the fact that all three are totally enjoying the sex that makes FrolicMe threesomes so special.

My absolute favourite moment is when Lucy and Cherry share Steve’s cock between their mouths. You can see in their eyes just how turned on they both are. 

This is a raunchy, fun and intelligent film. For me, the memory that lingers is the laughter. It is glaringly obvious that all three really enjoyed themselves enormously making the film and that makes it all the sexier to watch.

I bet the crew had a ball, too.

Girl on the Net has written and recorded some gorgeous stories this year, here’s her top choices:

The first one is the fabulous, Mature Sexwhich is SUCH a hot video, and it has so much stuff that I really love. Eye contact and cum play particularly. Her watching him fill the condom towards the end of the session is fucking amazing—condoms are so rarely used in mainstream porn that it’s an absolute treat to see one being used to such amazing effect. The actual putting on of the condom is done really beautifully too. I think I wrote this story in 2022, but this year I got to record the audio and it was such a treat—I really fell for both of these incredible performers, and wanted to do as much justice as I could to their amazing work. So by the time I’d written the story I’d fallen in love with their characters in my head too. I am just so full of love for this. 

I definitely have to include Absolutely because I really wanted to write a story for a film fully in second person—where the performer is essentially addressing ‘you’, the reader/viewer/listener directly. I think this is such a stunningly hot tone, and it really allows you to immerse yourself in what is happening. And of course, Sybil’s performance in this—from the way she works with those latex shorts to really emphasise the texture and tightness, to the sublime way she plays with the ice at every stage of it melting… all of it is mesmerising.

I feel like I want to include a kinky one too, so the most recent scene, Trust, is also getting a shoutout because it has some really great noises from him. Steve does a lot of grunting, and throws in a few really good words as well. But above all (my favourite) is he just really absolutely goes to town when they’re fucking. Something about the sound of rattling chains during kink, and the noise of creaking/slamming equipment—unngh. My favourite thing. Love it so much. 

Jonathan Aldfrith:

My Film of the Year: Fantasize

For me this film sums up what makes FrolicMe stand head and shoulders above all others in the genre—a fabulous story, an interesting setting, stunning models, sensational styling, atmospheric lighting, creative camera work and sizzling sex resulting from the genuine chemistry between the models. This film oozes artistry and class. This is where porn meets Hollywood.

From the moment when Venera catches Charlie’s eye in the cafe we are deliciously hooked into the film. The focus on her mouth as she sips her coffee is seriously hot. We already want more.

The cut to the darkened room as we descend into the fantasy sets up the entrance of Venera. We hear the click of her boots first. What a sound. And what boots! The power dynamics raise the temperature when she pushes Charlie down on to a chair only to tie his hands and tease him with a divine striptease. The point of view switches seamlessly and we see Venera’s strip from Charlie’s eyes.

After some great kissing, the moment Venera slips Charlie’s cock out and takes him into her mouth is one to relish. As a guy I think Charlie has to be the luckiest man in the world.

I love the moment Venera takes Charlie’s cock reverse doggy style when he is sitting down. Another highlight (or you could use the phrase cock-grabbing moment…because let’s be honest that’s what this film makes you do, it’s so fucking hot!) when he goes down on her with her leg resting on the chair, showcasing those stunning boots and her amazing legs.

And what an ending… Charlie’s shoots his come (there’s so much!) over her delightful breasts, but it’s the way she just walks away, totally in control, and we cut back to the cafe that turns this film into a masterpiece of erotic storytelling.

Thanks Anna… just wow.

Posy Churchgate on Frolicme’s best videos of 2023: 

Snow Cherry Apart from how stunning Cherry looks, in her padded coat, warm boots and tiny intimate garments I was pulled in by her passion. I’m not sure I could ever forget about the frigid temperature enough to savour teasing touches to reach a pinnacle of pleasure but Cherry does. Her smile, and playful expression pulled me in, I wanted to join Cherry and make sizzling snow angels!

Storytime The setting is redolent of luxury and excess. Three beautiful girls, blondes and redheads, recline on soft cushions and blankets, like delicious candied treats waiting for me to select my favourite flavour. But why choose? The girls turn and twist, constantly stroking and plucking, stimulating one another to dizzy heights. They caress, share and tease until each is satisfied, in turn—a hedonistic feast is enjoyed by all.

Look out for Posy’s upcoming story to accompany this visual delight.

Tabitha Rayne

And now to me. I just love the way Anna finds new ways to tell what is essentially the same story. We all know what the ending will be—at least one person will orgasm. Weaving a new scene every time to make that happen is such magic. I’ve enjoyed so many erotic films this year and the creativity it must have taken first of all, to dream it up and second of all, to implement it is phenomenal. The bed in the woods! That must have been fun… and all the little details we as the audience don’t know about, chasing the light, the weather, all those things. 

I must say, when I was thinking about writing this list, I knew that Take a Breath would be on there. I absolutely love every second of this film, and to know that Anna had a great time shooting it makes it feel even more authentically fuelled by real passion, this film really gets me going.

And I simply HAVE to mention, Ruby Glowa beautiful masturbation video featuring the gorgeous Nikki Dream who actually uses the sex toy I invented! Just amazing. What a moment!

I really loved Feminine Joy which actually really surprised me as there is a lot of play with ice cubes. One of my biggest turn offs is being cold, or sudden changes in temperature—so this was a really unusual choice. But it really seemed like these two were really enjoying it, they made me excited to watch it even though I knew it wasn’t for me. When they are fiddling about in each other’s panties while one grinds on the other’s thigh… omg I find that so very sexy. And the finale of the scene where Katy is fingered to orgasm from behind by Antonia is just delicious! Some really brilliantly explicit close-ups indeed.

And the final word goes to the producer of every single scene, Anna Richards:

Always so tricky to name my favourite erotic movies of the year, there really have been so many memorable scenes and fabulous moments in their making. I am always so grateful to the models and team who work with me to strive to achieve my erotic vision. So to highlight just a few, I would have to start with the first published of 2023, Fucking ChillyWhat a way to bring in the year, with a midnight romp in the beautiful snowy Alps. Wow it was cold but Ricky and Cherry were so up for creating something special in such a beautiful location. Yes, they wanted to fuck at night in the snow while we captured it all, therefore it just had to be called Fucking Chilly!

‌Another film I need to highlight is Take a Breathwith long-time friends Nick and Julia. The chemistry of these two is just electric; watching their Spanish tempers flare, building the sexual tension through to their raw, feisty passion, was superb. Shooting the scene was also a lot of fun but had to be carefully managed. The start with them falling into the water could only be one take, we had to get it right. The look on Nick’s face as he knew what was coming, Julia loved it.

If I can only mention three, the last would be a more recent film starring Lando and Antonia, Rainfall. There was so much I am proud of with this erotic movie, the location was perfect, old and rambling, through to the lighting of the set and that’s before we got onto the two fabulous models involved, their passions exquisitely explored and captured. They were so keen for us to get the scene just right and that meant them getting soaked to the skin to add to their frenzied moment of lust. I think for all those reasons it will remain one of my top favourites.

Thank you to everyone who shared their faves! Now over to you—what are your top Frolicme 2023 porn films of the year? Please do let us know in the comments and why, you never know it may shape those to come in 2024.

Love Tabitha and the Frolickers! x

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