Coworkers have a nasty fuck fest in the office

The busty blonde didn’t believe her coworker when he said he had a big dick. She was determined to find out, and he was more than willing to comply. He pulled his long cock out of his pants, and she immediately dropped to her knees. This blonde bimbo opened her mouth and tried to take in as much as possible. His length hit the back of her throat, but she continued to suck him off even when she started choking. When she slaughtered him up, he pulled her onto the table and slammed his cock inside her warm cunt. She was making too much noise, so he stuffed her panties into her mouth. He set a fast pace from the start, and almost all of his length went inside her. He grabbed her huge boobs with both hands and kept pounding away into her. They soon changed positions, and now they were fucking in doggy style. He went in deeper than before and brushed her G-spot with every thrust. Blondie pushed him away and climbed into his lap to bounce up and down. She still couldn’t take all of him, so she jerked off the remaining length with her hand. It made him go wild, and his thrusts picked up the speed. After a while, he turned her around in reverse cowgirl and watched her ass while he fucked her. She had a great set of tits jiggling from their movements. He felt his orgasm approaching, so he pushed the naked babe onto her back and pulled her legs up. Missionary seemed like a suitable position for his hard cock, and he bottomed out. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head from the pleasure. He was now eager to cum, and every thrust made his cock harder. He pulled out and joked himself off right onto her face and tits. He felt like he was on cloud 9.






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