Naked girl wants to have rough sex with her boyfriend, so she asks her stepdad to practice with her

Molly has always wanted to try rough sex with her boyfriend. He was more timid than her, and she didn’t know how to convince him. She decided to practice some bondage in order to impress him. The naked girl tied herself up on the bed but didn’t expect her stepdad to enter her room. The man was shocked at first and tried to free her before she explained the situation. His naked stepdaughter took the chance and asked him to practice with her. He was more than willing to comply, and soon enough, his cock was out of his pants, and Molly’s mouth was wrapped around it. He pulled on her hair and fucked her face going as deep as he could. She took it like a champ and deep-throated almost all of his length. He laid on the bed and let the sexy teen do her thing with his cock. She seemed to be enjoying it more than he was, with her eyes rolled to the back of her head. After a while, he was as hard as a rock and put her in doggy style before plunging his cock deep inside her little cunt. He didn’t waste any time and roughly fucked her into the bed while spanking her round ass. Teen babe was impressed by his skills and begged him to go even harder. They fucked in this position for some time before changing it. Now the skinny naked girl was straddling his thighs and bouncing on his dick frantically.


Her stepdad put his large hands around her throat and squeezed until she was left breathless. It turned Molly on more than she expected. Their thrusts met, and both of them stopped holding back. He wanted to grab her ass, so he turned her around on top of him. She slowed down her thrusts to adjust to the new position. Her stepdad was hitting her G-spot with every upward move of his hips. They were both extremely horny, and it didn’t take long to resume the previous rapid pace. He palmed her cute little ass and watched his cock disappear in her tight cunt. The stepdad grabbed her slim legs and pulled them up, giving his huge cock more room to move. She was slowly starting to see stars from the pleasure. They went on like this for some time before he decided to push her onto her back. He wanted to see her face while he drilled into her. Molly wanted his hand around her throat again, and he gladly complied. She didn’t think she had a thing for choking, but it felt perfect. He fucked her like this at a rapid speed while pushing his fingers into her mouth. He lay down sideways without taking his clock out of her pussy and broad his hand back around her throat. They were both close, and Molly could feel her orgasm approaching fast. It took a couple more hard thrusts for them to come completely undone. The naked girl was thankful for her stepdad and his willingness to teach her about rough sex.






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