Johnny gets the chance to fuck his stepsister Violet and her hot friend Clara

Violet and Clara were best friends who occasionally loved eating each other out. Who wouldn’t want to eat a young sweet pussy? Clara was munching away on her friend’s cunt for some time before she went to find her stepbrother. He was in his room watching TV, almost naked. Johnny was surprised to see his stepsister’s lesbian friend, and he thought she got lost searching for the bathroom. But the little slut assured him that he was the one she was looking for. It didn’t take long for Clara’s mouth to be on his cock. The stunning Asian always fantasized about fucking her friend’s stepbrother. Just as she was starting to deepthroat him, Violet called out for her. Johnny pulled the blanket over Clara and made an excuse to his stepsister, which she found a bit weird. She left quickly, and he uncovered Clara and slammed his dick inside her cunt in doggy style. It didn’t take long for him to come close to his orgasm, so his step-sister’s naked friend laid down on her back, and he fucked her throat. He came quickly, spurting hot jizz inside her mouth. They didn’t want to look suspicious, so they came downstairs, but Clara had other plans. She admitted what they were doing and suggested to have a threesome. Soon enough, both naked girls were taking turns sucking his cock while he sat down on the couch and admired them. While one was trying to deepthroat him, the other was tugging and licking his balls.


Violet sat on his cock first because she was his step-sister, and Clara already had her turn. She bounced up and down while he met her thrusts from underneath. The sexy naked girls moaned together from sheer pleasure. After a while, the girls switched places, and Violet sat between his legs and sucked on his balls. She took one hand and rubbed Clara’s clit. This went on for some time, and Clara was rolling her eyes back from the feeling of his long cock brushing over her G-spot. The naked girls switched places once more, and Violet screamed out profanities while Clara rubbed her clit. Johnny was also getting lost in pleasure, having one girl bouncing on his dick while the other sucked on his balls. They changed positions, and now Johnny was balls deep inside Violet in doggy style while she ate out Clara’s sweet cunt. The girls knew each other’s bodies the best, so Violet licked her the way she loved. Her stepbrother kept slamming his cock inside at a fast pace, and she was starting to see stars. It didn’t take long for Violet to clench around his length and cum. She was thoroughly fucked out. The naked girls made another switch, and Violet was screaming from overstimulation as Clara licked her cunt. Clara was eager to cum on Johnny’s cock now, so she let him slam into her as roughly as he wanted. Johnny came inside the naughty Asian’s wet cunt, and she followed soon after. The three of them were thoroughly fucked out, but they had to do this again sometime soon.






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