My Confession by Threewood

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Over the weekend, my wife, Sandy, and I play golf together as a couple, usually accompanied by one or two other couples from our neighbourhood. We complete this activity by enjoying a dinner together with the others at a restaurant in the area. A few weeks ago, we booked two tee times for our local course on Saturday afternoon.

On the Wednesday before, my wife was called away to be with her sister for the weekend.

My neighbour, Fran, said that I would still be more than welcome to play golf with her and her husband, Matt. I agreed since it was certainly better than spending a Saturday afternoon alone at home.

Sandy took off early the next day, hoping she would be home on Sunday afternoon. Later that morning, I got a phone call from Fran. She said that they had received a phone call from their daughter who was setting up a new apartment and needed help from Dad to take care of a few items for her. Matt had agreed to drive down for the weekend. As she spoke, he was packing tools into his car and was ready to leave.

Fran was ready to call off the golf. I suggested that since we still held a tee time, would it be acceptable for her and I to play the round together? She thought that would be a great idea, so I made plans to pick her up with our golf cart around one-thirty on Saturday afternoon.

The weather on Saturday was perfect, with sunny skies and temperatures in the low 80s. We laughed and had a good time playing golf together. All too soon the round was over. Normally, after us playing a round as a couple, we would go out to dinner. But, since we were playing together without our spouses, we did not think it would be very advisable to get something to eat at our grille. All too many nosy residents, some of whom we might know, might see us together and stir up some gossip.

As an alternative, I suggested to Fran that we have dinner at my home. As she pondered my offer, I added that I do have some steaks that I could put on the grille, plus a couple of taters for the oven. She hesitated some more but admitted the offer sounded good and agreed.

“Great,” I said, “I’ll drop you off, and you can come over about seven.” I drove her home, dropped her and her clubs off, and agreed to see each other about an hour later.

When I got back home, I took the steaks out of the fridge, added some seasoning to them, cleaned, oiled, and stuck the potatoes and wrapped them in foil. Set the oven to 450 degrees, fixed me a bourbon over ice and headed to the shower. It felt good to get out of the clothes I was wearing, and the shower left me refreshed. I donned a clean shirt, my favourite evening shorts, less the briefs, and headed back to the kitchen.

I fixed myself another bourbon, headed to the back deck to start the grille and checked on the status of the potatoes. Shortly thereafter, the doorbell rang, and Fran was there, looking refreshed and beautiful, with a bottle of Cabernet in her hand. I welcomed her in, gave her a brief but just friendly squeeze, and we headed back to the kitchen. As we sat and chatted while the dinner was cooking, I admired the beauty of the woman next to me. I knew that her age was in the low 70’s, probably 6-8 years younger than me. She had beautiful grey hair, in a short bob-styled cut. She was about five foot-two or so, with a very athletic figure. I knew that she walked several miles a day, played pickleball and bocce occasionally. She loved the sun, and the tan showed it. She was wearing white shorts, a brightly coloured top that aptly clung to her breasts and sandals. Ever since I had first met her, shortly after we moved into the neighbourhood, I had admired her. There was simply something about her that attracted me.

Dinner went well, and we were fully engrossed in conversation, discussing a multitude of subjects, mostly those about our marriages, careers, families, and such. Fran’s wine bottle was nearly empty by this time, and I was on my third bourbon, with the alcohol allowing us to become more intimate in our conversation.

I told her how Sandy and I used to plan for our special evenings on Fridays, usually beginning with a nice dinner at a restaurant, followed by a stop at a club or bar to dance or listen to music.

“We called them marathon nights,” I said. “We then would come home, if it was cool evening, start a fire in the fireplace, lay pillows and such on the floor, and make love together for several hours.”

“Several hours?” Fran said, “Wow, that sounds interesting.”

“Oh, it was,” I added, “and we usually had several porn tapes which I put into the video recorder to add interest.”

“I never really had a chance to watch any porn tapes,” Fran exclaimed. “I guess, it just wasn’t Matt’s thing being aroused by porn, and it just didn’t occur to me.”

Fran wanted to know more about the tapes. She obviously had heard about them, just hadn’t experienced them. I commented that I had once collected quite a stash of them, what their basic contents and such contained, and that the majority were poorly made. I then added that the videos that are produced today are quite different, the best are produced by professional companies, have a plot, good actors, and they’re more enjoyable to watch.

“And how do you know that?” Fran smirked.

I added that I found a producer online that makes quite excellent erotic movies, and the company is owned by a woman who tailors the subject matter to appeal to female viewers. “I actually downloaded several of their videos,” I noted, “hopefully thinking that Sandy and I might rekindle one or two of those marathon nights once again. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” said Fran, “but then again, we’re all getting older.” Fran continued to press me more about the erotic films, asking more and more questions. Knowing her curiosity, I then asked her if she would like to see one of them.

“I guess I’ll never know what they’re all about if I don’t see one for myself,” Fran stated. “Find me some more wine, pour me a glass, and let’s have a go of it.”

I had recorded the videos onto a flash drive. I rummaged through my desk, found it, and plugged it into a USB port on the TV. I asked ‘Alexa’ to lower the living room lights as Fran and I sat down on the sofa with our refreshed drinks. I found the video I wanted and pushed the remote to start it.

The scene opened with a handsome man pouring a glass of wine to the woman who was sitting on the sofa. He was somewhat older than she, with some grey in his hair. She is somewhat younger, possibly in her late 30s to early 40s. She was dressed solely in a short-length robe, tied with a matching sash around the waist. After pouring the wine, the man began a series of soft kisses and caresses upon her, just enough one would gather to stimulate her senses. After several tender moments, he placed a blindfold on her and bound her wrists with a silken cord. He then walked across the room, sat down in a chair, and pulled out his phone.

The scene showed him texting on his phone with her sitting across the room on the edge of the sofa. The scene changed to an individual receiving a beep to receiving the message in his car. The message simply stated, “She is ready, and the door is unlocked.”

He responded, “on my way,” as the car was started. The scene again shifts to the room where quietly the man and lady are sitting. Soon a tall man enters the room and softly walks to the woman seated on the sofa. He, too, is handsome, yet with some rugged features.

My thought of his appearance is that he is a manly man, one who can handle most situations, especially the one before him. He begins a very slow, but steady seduction of the woman, who was already primed by his predecessor. You see her responding to his soft kisses on and behind the ears, the neck and elsewhere, intermixed with some gentle nibbles here and there. This slow but steady path of seduction goes on for several minutes before he slowly parts the folds of her robe to expose her breasts. His tongue begins circling her areolas, then a nibble or two on hardened nipples. You begin to hear her soft moans uttering as his conquest continues.

Up to this point, Fran has been very quiet, staring intently at the drama unfolding on the screen. But now, as the intensity of the action increases, she has started rubbing her hand slowly and softly across her pelvic region.

I watch her for a few minutes, her rubbing growing more and more insistent.

“Why don’t you remove your shorts?” I suggest.

Without looking at me, not taking her eyes off the screen, she shakes her head, telling me no. The action on the screen has intensified, the view this moment is from behind the man in the chair. Even with the dim light of the room, you can see his hand moving back and forth. It is easy to guess what he is doing. Beyond him is our seducer, who is standing tall and completely nude. His erection is quite prominent, pointing outward, parallel to the floor. He reaches over to her and unties the binds that are around her hands. He then unties the sash of her robe, then slips the robe off her shoulders. The beauty of her totally naked body before him, and we the onlookers, is totally clear. He returns to his kissing and nibbles as he again begins to fondle her breasts. He removes her blindfold, their eyes meeting and momentarily focusing on each other.

A smile crosses her face as she looks at him, he briefly kissing her in return. The kisses, licks and nibbles continue as he winds a path down to his ultimate target, the neatly manicured patch of soft hair between her parted legs.

The camera’s close-up reveals the beauty of his want—swollen labia and a hardened clit, already wet with her passion. He begins a slow, deliberate caressing with his lips and tongue.

Her movements intensify as she begins to rock her hips. I gaze over at Fran, staring at the passion on the screen. Her hand movements are now more deliberate than ever.

I reach over and unbutton her shorts, sliding them down her legs and off her feet to the floor. Her panties are soaked. She looks at me as I return to my seat, this time sitting much closer to her. She looks at the tent pole appearance of my shorts and smiles. Her right hand returns to rubbing her pubic area, now with fingers making an up-and-down movement through her folds. Her left-hand starts to rub my right leg up and down, then moving over slowly and gradually to my balls and cock. She coordinates the hand movements of both as her rubbing and stroking continue.

On the screen, the lover is now teasing his want as he rubs the head of his cock up and around the entrance to her. The camera again, in close-up to the action, is being totally absorbed by Fran.

“Oh my God,” she remarks as he slowly enters her and begins to rhythmically fuck her. You hear her vocally respond with whimpers, oohs and aahs, then yes, yes, yes, as the action intensifies.

The thrusting continues for some extended periods of time, with position changes and camera angles to catch the action. Soon you hear her saying, “I’m coming, I’m coming,” then an utter scream as she crosses that threshold. His pounding continues, taking her through one more orgasm before you see him shake and utter almost animal sounds as his seed pours into her.

The camera offers us once again a close-up as he withdraws his cock, the white creaminess of his ejaculate flowing close behind. The lover embraces the woman, they kiss, and picking up his clothes he leaves the room.

The scene shifts to the man in the chair as he rises, removes his shirt and pants and walks toward his mate on the sofa. He is naked, with his solid erection leading the way. He reaches her, stoops down and buries is face into the wetness of her well fucked pussy. He begins by licking the creaminess of cum that has seeped from within her. He truly seems to lavishly enjoy his work.

As this scene unfolds, I get down on the floor in front of Fran and slide her panties off. They are fully saturated from the aroused state she is in. I take a moment to enjoy the view before my eyes, that of a wet, well-manicured pussy with parted fully swollen lips and a rosebud that was fully erect. She briefly looks at me, well aware of my intent and her desire. At this, I bury myself into her, licking her lips, and running circles around her clit. She begins to rock her hips eagerly forward. I slow my personal desires down, only to tease her more.

On the screen, fucking has again resumed, this time with the man who enjoyed her first lover’s achievements. She is reacting with want as they are lost in passion. They’re enjoying with each other. The rocking of Fran’s hips, with murmurs from her lips, assures me of the stage of her arousal. She is close, I know.

I arise from my position between her parted legs, putting one leg of hers on the sofa and leaving the other on the floor. Much like the lover on the screen, I rub my cock back and forth, then up and down across the entry to her love canal.

“Damnit, put it in me,” she cries, “I need you in me right now!”

I slowly enter her, stopping first, then moving further, and stopping again.

“No more teasing,” she utters. “Sink that rod of yours into me.”

Whatever is happening on the screen behind me, I cannot see, but the sounds of pure sex and lust tell the story. I begin thrusting in and out of Fran, her motions matching my pace. She encourages me to go faster with her orgasm approaching.

“Oh God, Oh God,” she mumbles, “Faster, faster.” Then trembling of her whole body as her orgasm consumes her. I ride her through this wave, then pick up my thrusting movements again.

She, this time, joins my rhythm of movement.

“Cum in me, baby, cum in me,” she says.

From deep within me, and the sensations on my cock, I know I am close. I pick up my pace, then fully bury my cock within her as the throbbing release of my cum begins. She motions me to stop my thrusting as I feel her vaginal muscles tighten around me. She squeezes me tighter on each pulsation as if she is milking the cum from within me.

I collapse my weight upon her, somewhat tired and out of breath.

“Don’t move,” she says, “I want to enjoy this moment with you inside me, as long as I can.”

All too soon, my cock has returned to its flaccid state and withdraws. I lift my weight from her, returning to my kneeling position on the floor. I tease her with licking motions across her pussy, this time tasting my own cum as it oozes out.

“Just cleaning up,” I say.

She laughs as I get up and move to her with a kiss.

“Not bad,” she says, “and it tastes pretty good.” With a wink, she continues, “And, by the way, you played a pretty good 18 holes of golf today too. But when you got to this 19th hole, you aced it…”

The video has since ended, and the screen is dark. We sit next to each other and begin to discuss what just happened.

“This shouldn’t have happened,” she states, “I’ve never cheated once on Matt in all the years we’ve been married.”

“Same here,” I respond, “but it did.”

“I don’t think I could ever tell him about this. How am I going to live with what I’ve done?”

I ponder quietly for a moment.

“But did it happen?” I suggest. “Or was it simply a dream? Are you not in your own bed and awakened by the dream you’ve just had? Isn’t Matt still sleeping soundly next to you, unaware you’re awake, reliving the dream? Just roll over, pull the covers up and go back to sleep.”

“Fat chance,” she replies, “I’ll long remember that stiff hard cock of yours within me.” She picks up her panties and shorts from the floor. “I’ve got to go,” she says, “these are too wet to put on.” She puts them in her pocket. “I’ll leave by the back door and walk through the yards to my home. Don’t want to meet a late dog walker, seeing me leave your place.”

We share a kiss and a good hug, and she is gone.

I spend a few moments cleaning up the kitchen when my phone rings. It’s Sandy.

“Just want to say I miss you and love you,” she says, “My sister is okay, so I’ll leave here in the morning and be back home by mid-afternoon. By the way, I’m ravishing for a good steak. Season the two we have in the fridge, so we can have them for dinner tomorrow evening.”

Reality has returned.


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