She needed to be punished by her stepdad for being naughty at school

Her stepdad was furious with her actions in school, so he decided to punish her properly. She had been bullying another girl at school and her stepdad was going to show her that she wouldn’t like it if someone treated HER like that. The young slut didn’t mind one bit, though, and she let him manhandle her. He bent her over the couch and spanked her round ass. This seemed to make her horny instead of teaching her a lesson. He pushed her down to her knees and slammed his cock deep inside her throat. There was no room for argument as he came spurting his hot jizz in her mouth. He didn’t stop for a second and continued slamming his length into her throat. The little whore took it like a champ. Her stepdad pushed her up and bent her over the couch. His cock soon found her dripping cunt, and he slammed inside roughly. This was not the time for casual sex, as tensions were high. His rough hands slammed down onto her ass cheeks, and the girl moaned in pleasure. After a while, she straddled his lap and put her feet on his tights. He let her take control of the thrusts for a bit. It didn’t take long for him to pick her up and slam into her while standing. The blonde stepdaughter didn’t complain and met his thrusts enthusiastically. He then pushed her over the couch, looking at her face while he pounded her tight cunt. He was spitting profanities, feeling incredibly aroused at the sight of her face lost in pleasure. Her stepdad didn’t stop for even a second, slamming in and out viciously. After a while, he turned her back around, doggy style, pushing her over the couch’s armrest. Blondie couldn’t spell a single sentence, blabbering and drooling all over herself. Her climax approached suddenly, and she threw her head back while she came hard. This little slut wanted to be punished like this forever.






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