Two naked girls eat each other out after a car wash

These two sexy girls loved participating in car washes together. It made them wet and hot for each other. They couldn’t wait to get home and take their soaking clothes off. As soon as the girls were in the bedroom, their tits were bare. Both of them loved caressing each other’s bouncy tits and pulling on their erect nipples. After some much-needed foreplay, the blonde laid down on the bed and spread her legs. Her brunette friend didn’t waste any time and dove into her sweet cunt. She enveloped her clit with her mouth and sucked until the blonde started squirming. She edged her on with the wet muscle, going up and down her cunt. Her entrance was leaking juices all over her friend’s tongue, and she lapped it all up. After a while, the naked girls switched, and the brown-haired girl had her legs spread. Blondie wanted to make her scream, so she plunged her tongue deep into her pussy. She didn’t waste any time as well and feverishly licked at her lover’s clit and opening. She ran her tongue up and down her wet slit, slowly, then faster and faster. Her pussy was squirting juices in her mouth. The naked girls changed positions, and now Blondie had her perfect ass up in the air with her friend’s fingers entering her cunt. She felt something wet around her ass hole and turned her head to see the brunette’s face buried between her cheeks. Her two holes were getting attention simultaneously, and she loved it. Blondie was eager to return the favor, so the lesbians switched again and continued the same ministrations. The sexy teen babe was feeling lightheaded from her friend’s fingers in her pussy and tongue on her ass hole. They wanted to try out one more thing. Blondie laid down and grabbed a vibrator, nestling it between her and the brunette, who straddled her tights. The vibrations were delicious against their cunts, and the girls soon came together, screaming out in pleasure.






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