Girls can’t control their sex drive this Christmas – PART 3

Jennifer set the table for her new stepfamily, and everything was finally working out perfectly. She headed to shower to freshen up before dinner when her husband stopped by to tell her he had a special surprise in store for her after. Jennifer drid off and entered the bedroom, only to find a burglar snooping inside the drawers with her underwear. She decided the mad was the surprise and got right to it! She didn’t think her husband would be back soon, so she took the man’s pants off and wrapped her mouth around his cock. The dude was speechless for a second, but he didn’t complain. The blowjob was fantastic, but the sexy busty babe needed his cock inside her pussy immediately. She jumped onto his lap and sank on his length. He started pumping into her without a care in the world. As soon as it started getting interesting, her husband walked in. The man was shocked by the sight, but he wanted in on the fun. He quickly took his pants off, and Jennifer put his cock inside her warm mouth. One man was fucking her pussy while the other lost himself in her blowjob. They decided to switch positions, and her husband was now fucking her doggy style while she deep-throated the burglar. The three of them were feeling incredibly turned on, and their moans mixed in the bedroom. After a while, the naked babe sat on the burglar’s cock, and he decided to fuck her in the ass as her husband admired the sight. Her man wanted a piece of her ass, too, so he took over while Jennifer sucked the burglar off again. Her husband soon came inside her ass, and she felt amazing. They moved again, and Jennifer sucked the remaining cum out of her man’s cock, while the burglar pounded inside her from the back. Both men were enjoying themselves, and Jennifer was turned on beyond belief. She spread her legs while lying on her back and took one cock in her mouth while the other slammed into her cunt. Sometime later, she straddled her husband’s lap and sucked the burglar off for the last time before they all came together.






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