My naked stepsister licks my morning wood while we are alone in the house

A big snowstorm hit the city before the New Year holidays. My stepsister and I only stayed at home, waiting for our parents to return from their trip. As he will be late due to bad weather, we will be alone all evening. She entered my room and asked if she could sleep with me because she was scared. I told her that she was free to join, but only if she was completely naked because I sleep like that, too. Without thinking, she took off her nightgown and crawled under the blanket. Of course, it wasn’t long before we started cuddling under the covers. I felt her firm ass, her small breasts, and her gorgeous slender body. My cock rose to its full size, and her hand found my erection under the blanket. She played with my dick and that she said she wanted to feel in in her mouth. My sexy naked stepsister started giving me an incredible blowjob! Looking at me provocatively, she swallowed more than half of my big cock, while she jerked off the rest of my penis with her hand. We had the whole night to ourselves. We decided to fuck all over the house. We went to the bathroom, and after showering, she started to work on me orally again. We moved to the living room and continued our adventure there. My sister rode me like a cowgirl, taking my cock all the way. As I rammed into her, she started to dirty-talk me. I was mesmerized by her hot body, and I didn’t stop drilling her tight pussy until she had an orgasm. I didn’t give her a moment’s rest. I laid her on the bed and continued to pump her shaved cunt. As I fucked her, she rubbed her clit with her fingers, enjoying every moment. I felt that I was about to cum and told her to kneel down. Driving my cock deep into her throat, I started filling her mouth with my cum.






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