Naked girl lets two guys cum on her face in their cooking class

The hot blonde enrolled in a cooking class to learn how to make pies. She didn’t expect to find two handsome guys with her in class. While talking about the ingredients, she stood behind them and put her hand between her legs. She caressed her warm moist pussy and rubbed her fingers over her clit. The sight of the two men made her extremely horny. One of the men called unto her actions, and as soon as they were alone, he put her on the kitchen counter and made out with her. They weren’t quiet, and their moans filled out the space. The other guy returned and saw them, but the blond shamelessly requested a threesome. She told the boys about her deepest fantasy, having two hard cocks squirting hot cum all over her face! She always wanted to have her face painted with hot cum by two cocks. The men were more than eager to comply with her wishes. The blondie quickly removed her clothes and dropped to her knees between them. They took their dicks out and pointed them at her face. This little cum slut took one cock in her hand while sucking off the other. They didn’t expect her to be so good at a blowjob and a handjob, but she proved them wrong. She alternated between sucking one off while working up the other with her hands and switching to give them equal amounts of attention. After they were hard and ready, they decided it was time to fuck the shit out of her cunt.


One man started pounding into her in doggy style while the other fucked her mouth. When one man’s hips slammed into hers, it brought the other’s cock deeper into her mouth. She was a pro at the deepthroating, so it wasn’t a big deal. They quickly changed positions, and now she was on her back with her head tipped back and mouth wide open. Za Man resumed their actions with one cock in her warm mouth and the others pounding her delicious pussy. They didn’t stay long in this position. Soon enough, she was set in one stud’s lap, bouncing up and down while jerking off the other. Her movements never faltered, and she could feel the man’s balls slapping against her ass cheeks. They were both losing control and getting themselves lost in her warmth. She moaned loudly and made the guys go even harder with their movements. The guy above her fisted her hair and fucked her face as hard as he could. They were all turned on beyond belief, but they wanted to put her in more positions. The men switched places, and the slut sat in reverse cowgirl while sucking the other’s dick. They couldn’t decide if her pussy or mouth were better for fucking, but they enjoyed both equally. The naked girl knew she was close to her orgasm, and the men were too. They wanted to make her wish come true, so they both pulled out and jerked themselves off onto her face. She welcomed the hot cheese with an open mouth and a smile. She was sticky with cum, because there was so much sperm on her face! She was licking it with her tongue, swallowing it, smearing it all over her face with both hands and laughing.






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