Nika’s roommate gives her some cream to finish off her pie

Nika’s roommate was constantly using up her baking ingredients. She needed cream for her pie, but he ate it all. It was high time he took responsibility, and she decided to confront him. Nika even tried to make him go to the store to buy more, but he refused. She didn’t know how to convince him at first, but she quickly thought of a plan. Nika had the best set of tits and a perfect bouncy ass Which could make anyone submit to her will. The busty teen babe took off her top and flaunted her breasts in his face. The girl had the most amazing big all natural tits he had ever seen! So yummy boobies! He decided then that he would give her some cream of his own. She took off her panties and sat on the couch. The black man quickly took off his pants, and his huge cock sprang out. Nika was amazed by his size and eagerly put her mouth around the head. After tasting his pre cum, she slid down until he hit the back of her throat. The black stud was eager to fuck her mouth, and she gladly let him. With head as good as hers, he would gladly do anything she asked of him in the future. Nika made him as hard as rock, and he decided it was time to fuck her. He sat on the tiny cushion, and Nika straddled his thighs. Her dripping cunt slid onto his aching hard-on, and she wanted no time to start bouncing up and down. Her face was turned away from him, but the sight of her ass cheeks jiggling made up for it.


He let the naked girl take control for a while before turning her around and grabbing her ass tightly. Her tits were now in his face, and he enjoyed how they slapped against his mouth. Her big boobs were slapping all over his face. Nika continued smashing herself onto his stiff cock, and he helped her out from underneath. After a while, he decided to get a better look at her juicy ass and turned her around into doggy style. The babe arched her back, and his length brushed over her G-spot with every thrust. There was no time to be gentle, and his pace was fast and furious. She moaned out in pleasure as she felt her orgasm approaching. They forgot about the pie and the cream and got lost in their hard fucking session. He brought her closer to his chest, and in her upward position, she could feel all of him sliding inside perfectly. His rough hands grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples, making her moan out deliciously. The hot stud also felt close to cumming, but he had to put her in one more position. He laid the busty slut down on the cushion and spread her legs in the air. Her face was contorted in pleasure, and that was all he needed to see before going even faster. She came with a scream, and he followed after a few more thrusts. He gave her some cream in the end, whether it was the right kind or not.






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