Riley uses her sexual skills to convince her guy not to go to college out of town

Riley spent days planning to convince her boyfriend not to go to a college far from their town. Finally she devised a plan that was sure to get him to stay for a while longer. They had been going hot and heavy for a while, but she always made him wear a condom. But this time, she was going to let him bust a big nut inside of her so that he could breed her! She didn’t waste a moment when he came to her place. The sexy teen babe immediately started stroking his cock over his training pants. He was weak to her tender touches, and his cock was raised in an instant. He got up and took out his tool from his pants, and the beautiful blonde immediately started to satisfy him orally. Giving him a phenomenal blowjob, she looked at him with her begging gaze. Although she wasn’t a good cock swallower, she now started deep-throating, trying to get as much of his big cock down her throat as she could. The sexy girl was doing her best to give the best blowjob to her boyfriend. Then fully naked she lay on top of him, ready to thrust herself against his cock. She accepted his entire shaft with a smile, smiling sweetly and enjoying herself thoroughly. The guy had a look at her young 18 years old hairy cunt as he entered her. She set the stage and had her boyfriend put on a condom but pulled it off his dick mid-fuck. She rode him like a real cowgirl. The beautiful blonde felt that she turned him on abnormally and put herself in a doggy position, offering him free use of her cunt while having a view of her firm, sweet ass. He entered her deeply, driving his cock all the way. Every moment, he increased his pace while the sweet girl began to moan loudly, begging him to cum deep in her. The guy couldn’t hold on for much longer and ended up inside her, filling her abundantly with his sperm. Riley succeeded in her endeavor to keep the boy by her side.






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