My tennis teacher enjoys it when I fill her with my cum

After training, my tennis teacher invited me to her apartment to show me some special moves. I wasn’t surprised when she started to undress and seduce me with her phenomenal body. She is a very beautiful young woman with a flawless body! I joined her in the game, and when we were completely naked, this blonde beauty got down on her knees and started kissing my erect cock. She smoked him professionally, obviously knowing how to turn on a man. She caressed my balls with her hand as she thrust my big tool deep into her throat. She turned me on abnormally, and I wanted to enter her pussy as soon as possible. I entered her wet hole gently. She was ready for a good fuck. As I picked up my pace, I squeezed her small, firm breasts with my hands. She was enjoying my game, smiling mischievously. The sight of her firm slim body and shaved pussy turned me on abnormally. I started to fuck her faster and faster while she moaned loudly, enjoying every moment. I was so turned on I came almost instantly. Feeling my hot sperm inside her vagina she had on orgasm too, milking my cock with her vagina walls! I pumped more and more sperm into her tummy. She briefly interrupted our cum game just enough to change her pose. She wanted to feel my big cock all the way and rode me in a reverse cowgirl position. As I held her tight ass with my hands, I drilled her tirelessly, feeling her tight cunt. I started to cum inside her again, and she enjoyed it as my cum flowed down her thighs. We were all sticky from our juices, and that turned us on even more. While I was still inside her, the naked babe turned around and got into a cowgirl pose. Her cum filled cunt was squirting with semen. I felt her cum again, and that made me even more excited, and I started spilling my sperm into her more and more.






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