Naked girl sends nudes to her step-brother and waits for the results

Riley’s stepbrother is a horny mess, and getting a picture of his step-sister naked that he believes was accidental was just the cherry on top. He masturbates furiously to it, as he has found her hot for a long time. To her joy, she finds him doing so in their own living room and approaches him. At first, he is surprised and scared, but finds out very soon from her that this was not an accident. It was something she had been planning all along, and it all came to fruition. His slutty stepsister bends over the couch he is sitting on and instantly starts sucking his big cock, passionately giving him a blowjob. After all he’s seen, he’s very horny and very hard, so she has no problem doing so. After a while of passionate sucking, she goes on top of him and lowers her wet pussy right onto his cock. The feeling of her little pussy is amazing. She starts riding him furiously, making sure to get as much pleasure out of it as possible. His chain dangles from his neck as she is mounted on top of him, bouncing off of his dick. There is an exchange only step-siblings can have at that moment, looking him in the eyes. His naked stepsister moves onto the cowgirl position, pleasuring him every step of the way. He turns her around, getting a good look at her ass as he mounts her and starts fucking her. She bounces once again off his dick, only now moving backward and forwards. The tiny naked girl intriguingly rides his cock, wondering what will happen next.


To her surprise and joy, he pins her down to the bed and has her in his own way, dominating her pussy in only the most wonderful ways. He flips her over, wanting to have a good look at her titties and her pussy. She rubs her clit as she gets hornier from looking at his cock going in and out of her body. In the final act, he picks her up and starts fucking her like she’s never been fucked before, something only this kind of relationship can harness. They share a passionate kiss, him being the dominant figure in this scene. Her whoreish step-sister is now completely indulged in pleasure, knowing nothing but excitement and thrill. He’s pounding her hard, and making sure she feels it, his big cock throbbing in and out of her. They are passionate about their craft, especially knowing their relationship with each other. Riley, now completely lost in the pleasure, makes the most beautiful moans a step-sister could. Lastly, as their love comes into fruition, he bangs her with all his heart, making her squeal for more, both approaching climax at a fast pace. Riley’s eyes couldn’t be wider nor more filled with love. As she takes her final pound, she moans once again in deep pleasure, knowing that her hot, buff, handsome step-brother is inside of her; she couldn’t be happier than she is right now, as the love she is getting is the purest form of love anybody could get. She moans and awaits the moment of ultimate pleasure.






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