Two beautiful lesbians indulge their passions in a hotel room while on a trip

Sweet Alex and her girlfriend Mia love skiing and having sex with each other. When the girls get snowbound at a chalet, at least they have body heat for warmth. Alex immediately started to caress her beautiful girl’s cunt with her fingers. She started kissing her beautiful breasts, paying full attention to her nipples; squeezing one, while sucking the other. She swirled her tongue around each nipple, she bit softly, she kissed, she sucked, before she started to meander down her gorgeous body, scattering adoring kisses all over her body as she went. She began kissing those soft tender areas between her legs, finally nuzzling her bare mound. She ran her tongue between her pussy lips and slowly made her way to the clitoris. Then the horny little lesbian just pushed her tongue between her labia and directly into her funnel of love and swirled it vigorously in a circular tornado. She expertly penetrated her wet hole with her fingers while kissing her large natural breasts. Her beautiful blonde girlfriend couldn’t wait any longer. Kneeling on her knees, she went down to the tiny pussy horny Alex, who was holding her head with her hand. She spread her lips apart with her tongue and started teasing and pulling on her clit as well. She started giving her pussy nice long licks from the top of her lips to almost to her asshole. Only sighs of pleasure could be heard as the hot blonde licked her beautiful girlfriend’s wet pussy with her tongue.


Alex began to cum on her tongue as she let out loud sighs of relief. As soon as she recovered from the intense orgasm she experienced, she told her lesbian girlfriend to lie down and surrender to her. The sexy naked girl stuck her tongue right into her pink slit, and began to penetrate it like that. The pretty blonde enjoyed herself abnormally while squeezing her stiff nipples. She started cumming on Alex’s face telling her not to stop licking her pussy. Again, it was Alex’s turn to enjoy oral play. She put herself in a doggy position while the girl approached her from behind. She had a look at her tiny sweet ass and couldn’t resist sticking her tongue in her anus. She started licking her ass while holding the slender legs of her girlfriend tightly. The teen lesbian was enjoying this perversion of her girl and started moaning loudly, not trying to cover the sounds she made. And when the naughty girl started to stick her finger in Alex’s wet pussy, she started cumming again while telling her how well she was doing. The naked girls moved to the bathroom where they continued the lesbian orgy in the bath tub. Alex licked and lapped her girlfriend’s bald pussy until she pulled her up and kissed her with fervent passion. She collapsed onto her, their breasts resting against each other as their tongues probed and their lips writhed together like two brush fires becoming one. The naked girls remained in the bath tub in each other’s arms while kissing each other passionately.






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