My girlfriend loves to fuck me after an exciting game of badminton

My girlfriend and I love badminton so much that we even have a court for it in the yard. Usually, after the match, we end the game by enjoying a game of sex. My sexy naked girl approached me and pulled my dick out of my pants, which was in her hands in the blink of an eye. Looking at me with her beautiful green eyes, she began to give me a great blowjob. She jerked off with her hand while gently sucking my head, turning me on to the maximum. I love watching her pretty face with freckles as she chokes on my cock. When my dick reached its full size, I suggested to her that we go into the house and continue our sex game there. We got inside, and my cute brunette immediately rode me. I enjoyed lying down and watching her firm ass bounce on my cock. She jumped tirelessly, sticking herself to the end. Her loud moaning turned me on, and I couldn’t resist slapping her tight ass. She got even more horny from my spanking and started to get herself even faster. After a while, my babe turned to me and rode me like a real cowgirl, grinding her clit hard into me. Her juices are leaking down my cock. Her smile spoke more than a thousand words. She rested her hands on my chest as she continued her game. She took the entire initiative, and I let her orchestrate the rhythm. After some time, I wanted to be in charge a bit. I put her in the doggy position and started to thrust into her wet cunt from behind. Holding her hips, I entered her all the way to the end. My pace increased until my hips were slapping against her cute little ass with every thrust. She readily accepted every thrust of my cock. I came inside her while feeling her warm pussy.






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