Banging a blonde in a bikini in the middle of the street is the best

Just a typical day turned into an adventure just because I chose to walk down the street I don’t usually go through. As I was walking by, enjoying a sunny day, I saw a gorgeous blonde babe in the tiniest pink bikini. I was with a buddy of mine and he instantly took his camera out and started filming. She told us she is from Barcelona and I get so turned on by Latinas and their accent! She bent over and show us her naked pussy right there in front of everyone. So naturally, I started licking her pussy and her cute ass while my buddy was filming all of that. The girl let me spread her ass cheeks wide open so I could lick her asshole. I felt her anus convulsed because she was ready to cum. I took her top off and sucked on her hard nipples. I could feel I had to take my dick out and stick it inside of her right there or I would explode! She was moaning and she didn’t care if somebody saw us fucking. Then she kneeled and started sucking on my dick. I made her put her hands up so I could shove it deep in her throat until she choked. Then we moved to another place and that crazy slut keeps on sucking my dock while guys in cars keep circling around us. They were surely jealous of the kind of day I was having. When we found a bench we took all of our clothes off and forgot about the rest of the world. I banged her doggy style, reverse cowgirl, and then cowgirl. My balls were slapping hard against her throbbing clit. The naked girl came so loud that we had to shut her up. She kept on jumping on my dick and cumming while I spanked her ass. She got me so turned on that I lifted her and fucked her like that until I came inside her pussy.






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