Rental hostess has a fetish only her guests know about

The blonde hostess starts an argument with her guest over finding BDSM gear in a box at her place. She yells and grabs at him until the man has had enough and pushes her against the wall. This is the button to push to turn her on, though. Up against the wall, face to face, she feels the man’s crotch. They start kissing, with the guy removing his jacket and pushing up her shirt. All he can see now are her big, full tits, contained only by a thin bra. He pulls her breasts free of the piece of clothing quickly and fondles them. The hostess gets on her knees while the guy undoes his trousers and pulls out his cock. He uses his belt as a leash that he wraps around her neck for more leverage. The blonde wraps her pouty lips around his tool, and he doesn’t waste time. He starts pushing and pulling her head along his shaft. Making sure the sexy busty babe takes his cock deep into her throat, up to the base of his cock. He gives her a brief break and shares a passionate kiss. He takes his pants completely off now and restarts his work on her face with his cock. Going hard and fast, her spit is flying out of her mouth and staining her thin shirt and face. Soon after he makes a mess of her face, they move up to a wall to do it doggy-style. She presses her face and hands against the wall to support herself just as the guy starts jackhammering in and out of her juicy pussy.


She has always had this fantasy of being used like a slut! He is pounding into her like there i sno tomorrow, and her legs begin trembling. At this angle, her full tits are hanging down her chest and jiggling wonderfully alongside her ass when he spanks her. She removes her head from the wall a bit, showing a thin string of her spit connecting her to the wall still. They move over to the couch where she is getting pounded from above missionary-style. Her toes curl as he wraps his hand firmly around her neck. She gets a small break when he removes the hand to smack at her tits instead. Her moans turn shaky when he puts his thumb on her clit and starts rubbing vigorously. They flip around so that the hostess is on her hands and knees. The man pulls her bra up to her neck as a leash, this time, along with a few golden blonde locks of hair. He speeds up when reaching his climax and paints her insides. However, this is far from the end, as they keep going in the same position. She adjusts herself to her elbows as the guy nibbles on her ear. Then, she is pushed by the back of the neck into the leather couch. After minutes, the switch again, with her on top, this time in the cowgirl position. The girl has amazing big all natural tits and he too enjoyes the sight of her big tits flying in every direction. She still rests her head on the sofa next to the man, and he spanks her as she bounces off his thick cock. They finish soon after, and his relentless pounding stops.






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