Two besties share my thick meat amongst themselves

Our chatting is interrupted by her best friend, who whispers an idea to her. The novel idea is to play musical chairs but with cocks instead, specifically my own. They both got on their knees and started liking my slowly hardening member. The sexy girls both have their tongues on the head of my cock. They both are kissing it and running their tongues around it. ‘Does that feel good?’ one of the girls asks. When it was nice and hard, it was time to start sucking. The girls are taking turns now, one always keeping my head in her mouth while the other keeps licking up and down my shaft. Always made hot, wet slurping sounds whenever I entered one of their mouths. It already felt like heaven, but then the brunette, with the idea, said that it was about to get even better. And it was, as she started taking my length deep into her throat, I put my hand on her head. Her friend was busy licking and sucking on my balls and whatever parts of my shaft were available. We moved things out of the party to the bedroom. Where I lay down, and I’m mounted cowgirl style by the smart brunette. She starts riding me like there’s no tomorrow, and her bestie plays with her gorgeous tits. She reaches her climax first and shakes uncontrollably from her orgasm. Her delicious, thick thighs jiggle mesmerizingly. Her orgasm is so good she has to lean on her friend for support, who is sucking on her nipple. She’s not ready to stop, though, and asks her friend to start rubbing her clit as she keeps on riding me. Leaning forward, she licks her fingers and rubs her clit herself. She cums almost on the spot from it. It’s now her friend’s turn.


She decides on the reverse cowgirl position. Her cute little ass shakes up and down magnificently. The friend starts licking and spitting on her ass. My cock falls out of her ass, and the friend immediately gives it a taste. She claims it’s delicious. After having her fill, I’m back inside the pale girl’s pussy. The friend starts playing with her asshole, rubbing it. “Do you like our pussies, daddy?” one of the girls says, using her little girl voice. There is just nothing better than two naked girls riding your cock with heir wet pussies! We change positions for the regular cowgirl. One of the girls has one arm around her throat and the other rubbing at her clit. I grab at her arms for more leverage to fuck her harder. She’s bouncing so high that my cock falls out again. However, she doesn’t allow this for long and fills herself again. Both of the brunette’s hands are on her neck now, and the blonde is at her limit. I grab at her hips and speed up. As she cums, the naked girls share a wet kiss. I just want to fuck both of their pussies, go back and forth from one pussy to the other. It was a fantasy I have always dreamed of fulfilling and now is the moment I have been waiting for. The naked girls get on all fours, sticking their holes up in the air for me. It’s the brunette’s turn again, and she gyrates her hips in the doggy-style position. As the two babe kiss, I can’t help but put my hands on that fantastic ass. It’s the blonde’s turn again, and she’s in missionary now. With me pumping in and out and her friend shoving her pussy in the blonde’s face. I keep a firm grip on her legs as she’s getting closer to her climax.






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