A Night in the Cave

Recently Amanda and I were watching a movie together.  The kids were gone, we had the home to ourselves, so were just cuddling together on the couch.  Amanda was wrapped in a blanket next to me because she frequently feels cold even when the temperature is stable.  About an hour into the move, Amanda softly slid her had onto my upper thigh.  She left it there without moving it for some time.

At first, I did not notice as her touch was so delicate.  However, when she lightly slid her hand over my pants under which was my cock, she got my attention.  I did not say anything and neither did she.  She just left it there and the movie continued.  (By the way, there was nothing in the show that had anything sexual in it and her actions were not motivated by that.)  In hindsight, I think she was just bored with the movie to some degree and had another purpose in mind.  And, looking back, I am very glad that she did!

She began to rub her hand over my cock, and balls varying her motions and pressures.  I was wearing some flannel lounging pants, so I could easily feel her touch.  As she did this, I was happy to slowly spread my legs to give her more access.  Her pace and pressure were slow, yet intentional.  It was feeling good and my cock was stiffening.

“Hmm, that feels good,” she remarked, “I love to feel your growing cock.”

Amanda took her time, she seemed to just be enjoying the feel of my body and my response to her touch.  For my part, I was beginning to rock my hips and apply some counter force to her pressures.  Sensing my growing pleasure, Amanda started tugging at my pants.

“Why don’t you take these off?”

I removed the flannels and sat back down. Amanda swung her blanket over both of us and continued her excellent massage and rub.  At this point, I had no interest in the movie and laid back across the length of the couch with one leg over her lap and one stretched out to the coffee table, giving her more access.  With one hand she rubbed my cock and with the other she rubbed over and from my balls to my upper ass cheeks.

“My body is yours,” I said, “do whatever you want to.  It is feeling so good Amanda,” I whispered as I opened my legs more.

She hand begun to slide her hand under my boxers, giving her access to my cock, now thick, hard, and dripping pre-cum.

“Honey, are you enjoying this?” she teased.  “Why not just remove these for me?”

Of course, I wasted no time removing my boxers.  In addition to my lap, she had been rubbing my nipples and chest from under my shirt.  Amanda knows I love that, especially when are enjoying some mutual masturbation.  Sometimes when she isn’t in the mood herself, she encourages me to masturbate while she runs uses her hands and lips in various ways on my body. Sometimes she will tease and pull on my nipples.  She knows at what point that begins to feel good to me.  She loves to tease me.   We had reached that point and she knew it.

“Oh dear,” Amada spoke softly, “am I goanna enjoy getting you off.  Why don’t you help me?  Your cock is so hard.”

Before she covered me back with the blanket, she leaned down to lick the side and head of my cock.

“Um, that tastes good.”

Leaning my head back, I just enjoyed the feel of her hands all over my body.  Her left hand had begun to occasionally slide lower below my balls.  Using her nails lightly she began to tease the crack in my cheeks.  In response, I parted my legs even farther.   The rubbing and teasing continued.  Amanda knows I love her slow teases and being brought to the edge and back.  Eventually I began to assist her efforts. Rolling the sensitive top of my shaft between two fingers on my right hand while she rubbed and teased my body. Amanda also became more adventurous as well and began to run her nails across my tight button.

“Oh my, I think you like that,” continuing her tease.  At this point, I began to stroke my cock from the bottom to the top, slowly and intentionally.

“I love watching you stroke your cock! Do you like this?” she said as she applied a little pressure to my button with a single finger. At this point, I increased the speed at which I was pumping my cock.

“Yeah, I love how you’re stroking your cock for me.  Come on, work that cock,” Amanda taunted.

At this point she slid back the blanket, exposing my naked body.

“Um, love your body.  You look so good getting off.  Your body feels good.  You look so hot!  Oh, hold open your legs and stroke that cock, baby!  Make it feel good.  Get off for me, honey.  Stoke it! Let me watch you cum!”

Amanda encouraged me as she continued teasing my lower body with her left hand, pulling on my balls and rubbing them.  With her right, she was lightly stroking over an around my nipples.

I was lost in the moment, rapidly pumping my shaft while she teased me. Knowing I was close, she applied direct pressure to my button with her finger.  She had been rubbing some cum on her finger and between my cheeks.  Whatever she was doing felt great and it felt as if my button might open for her finger.

“Um, that looks so good baby, make it feel good, shoot that cum for me.  Do you like when I tease your ass?”

She never slipped in her finger, but the pressure felt so good. I erupted, shooting ropes of cum across my exposed chest and over my pushed-up shirt.

“Oh my, that felt good, didn’t it,” she said leaning close to me.

I did not respond, just relaxed as I laid back on the couch, trying to catch my breath.

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