Campground Fun at Night

On one of our earlier anniversaries, we took to the mountains with our small set of camping gear and a three-person tent. We found a spot in a camp area that was about half full when we arrived. Over the next few hours, more campers arrived and took nearby tent spots. We hiked around and spent time during each meal hanging out near the tent with our food supply. A diverse group of people was around us, but all adults as far as I could see.

When the evening came, we sat around the fire for about an hour after dinner just talking. Our conversation led to sexual content, and my bride suggested that she had a surprise for me this evening. I looked at her with a bit of a grin and asked what she might have in mind.

She said, “You will just have to wait until we get settled in the tent tonight.”

I had to let the fire burn down before I could leave it. She excused herself and went to get ready.

I spent 15 minutes putting the fire out safely without soaking it to avoid problems starting it in the morning. My imagination was going crazy. What did she have in mind tonight? Finally, it was time to retire. I approached the tent, told her I was coming in, and to get ready for the zipper to go up. She would not want to be ‘exposed’ if she happened to be right inside the door flap.

She must have had the flashlight in the sleeping bags because I could see very little when I stepped in. But once my eyes adjusted, there she was, pantiless and braless for only my eyes to see. I got rock hard extremely quickly.

She zipped the door down as I moved further into the tent and then leaned over and kissed me deeply. Her bare breasts were pushing against me as she kissed me. I always loved how they pressed into me. She helped me get undressed and had me lie on top of the sleeping bag furthest from the zippered door.

She hung up a battery-operated lantern from the center of the tent and then placed plastic handcuffs on me. As she moved my arms over my head, the shadow on the tent wall showed my bound hands.  She told me that I needed to keep my hands in that position while she played.

Her stroking me and running her hands all over my torso and upper thighs got me very excited. I wanted to touch her, but she told me, “NO. Keep your hands above your head. You can’t use them right now.”

She climbed over me, straddled my hips, and slid herself right onto my cock. Slowly, she rode me, up and down. Her full movements almost pulled my cock out of, then fully penetrated, her very wet pussy. I watched her as she looked at me.

My wife is usually quiet when we are having sex, but that night was a bit different. Her breathing got heavier and louder than usual. I don’t ever remember her moans being as audible as this night. Her eyes closed, and she was just in the moment of it all, absorbing all the sensations.

It was then that I noticed her very well-outlined shadow presented on the back wall of the tent. Her body and breasts cast a perfect image as she rose and fell onto my cock. Her head was back with her arms down beside her as her strong legs did the lifting. Instead of watching her body, I watched her shadow move so beautifully. The silhouette of her heaving breasts looked so amazing.

Then I thought, if I can see this, so can anyone else that is paying attention. The tent was a light gray, so I knew that it was not opaque and blocking the light—or better said, not blocking the shadow.

The thought that others may be able to see her shadow got me extremely excited. I was not going to last much longer. Her moaning was not helping me keep calm either. I just could not hold back any longer.

As she felt me climax, my wife pressed firm against my body, and I pushed deeper into her. Her body was riding me in short thrusts that she began when I started to cum. Her breasts bounced a bit more when she did that, and they looked beautiful against the tent backdrop. I filled her, and she loved the feeling. She leaned over and started kissing me. When she did, the angle of the lantern projected her perfect breasts hanging over my chest.

I didn’t tell her anything until morning. She seemed unable to understand the shadow effects from the last night, now that it was light outside. Or, maybe she did know what she was doing, and that caused her closed eyes, heavier breathing, and moaning. Either way, It was something I will never forget.

That was about our 3rd or 4th anniversary. We just passed our 31st.

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