Home Alone and Thinking Of You

My Dear Love:

I find myself alone at home and thinking about you. I’m wandering on the internet and ‘stumbling’ upon the pictures we took of you years ago. The first picture is beautiful. That blue thong gliding gently between your soft and perfect cheeks. I’m imagining myself holding them tight and gently squeezing them. I can almost feel you breathing on my neck. That picture is the ultimate tease.

I know we have not had sexy time together in a while. That is proof that life slowly does get in the way. I miss pulling you in and tasting your lips. I miss kissing your neck with the sweet anticipation of knowing what’s going to happen next. You miss it as well; I know you do.

Making love to you is my life. I can’t explain it, but right now, the only place I want to be is with you, and inside you. This reminds me of our night on the East Coast where we were animalistic. My best memory of that night was when you were sucking my cock with your head over the bed. Just thinking of it is making my cock twitch.

I want to take you by surprise some day. Cover your mouth and blindfold you. I’ll tie you to the bed and put my hands around your neck until you ask me to eat your pussy. Pulling down your trousers to be greeted by the wet patch on your thong. I love licking that wet patch especially knowing you’re going to moan and squirm. But your legs are tied and wide open, no running away. Licking your inner thigh with the aroma of your wet pussy drives me insane.

I move your thong to the side and kiss your pussy and occasionally insert my tongue. The feeling of your pussy hair just gets to me. I lick it from bottom all the way to the top. It’s so wet and you’re making a little patch on the bed. But you still have your top on. I’ve got no option but to rip it off to fully expose you. Your naked body is spectacular. Moving up and taking your nipple into my mouth makes you moan even harder. I tease your nipple with my tongue and with my free hand, I play with the other nipple.

I’ll interrupt the story very quickly. I keep looking at the picture and I am so horny that I am ready to cum. I need to fuck you so badly. To hear you say that you’re cumming would send me right over the edge.

I remove your gag and let my tongue linger around your lips. You are desperate for a kiss. But I have something else in mind. My cock is hard and wet. I guide it to your mouth and it’s my turn to moan as you slowly lick the shaft. You beg me to remove the blindfold. I gently slap you and remind you that I am in charge and that you’re my slut for the evening. I put my cock back in your mouth and bring out the vibrator. The soft hum of the vibrator on your pussy is a sound I will never forget. Your moans intensify and intensify.

I lick your nipples as your orgasm approaches and then I stop. I throw the vibrator away. The blindfold and ties are removed. I’m sure you’re on the edge of cumming and by this time. You’re begging me to put my cock inside your pussy. I pin you down and spread your legs wide and slowly insert my cock into your wet dripping pussy. The best feeling of my life.

The ridges inside your pussy are teasing my cock and very soon I’m on the edge. You pick up the vibrator and place it right on your sweet spot. Within seconds you announce you’re going to cum. Your body writhes with a massive orgasm. My load pumps deep inside you.

I want to do this with you. To have sex with you in the car like we did when you wore the white lingerie. I want you to sit on my face. Girl, I love you. There is no one else I would do this with. You are the sexiest woman I have ever laid eyes on. When you let your inhibitions go, you become an animal, and my goodness, am I weak for that. Fuck, I’m lucky and I cannot wait to fuck you very soon.

For now, I will have to do with the picture.

I have a picture of my cock with the picture which is available on request.

Forever yours,


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