Learning Together

Sasha and Todd got married in a very old tradition.  Their marriage was arranged for the most part.  When they married, neither of them really had a clue about sex.  They had grown up together and liked one another, were attracted to one another.  Once married, they agreed to take the sex part slow and let it happen.

A few days after their wedding, Todd found his new bride standing at the sink looking out at the morning fog lifting off the pasture fields.  Sasha was wearing one of Todd’s button down shirts, and her hair was wet from the shower. Todd felt his cock harden and grow fast. 

My brand new husband stepped up behind me, and I moaned as I felt his hard-on press against my back through his boxers.

Todd kissed my neck. “Good morning, baby,” he said as his hand slid up my tiny body and cupped and squeezed my tits. This caused me to moan and press back against him.  Squeezing my breasts made my nipples big and hard as he ground his cock into me. I wiggled and moaned.  Todd groaned, and his body shook as his hot cum exploded between us.

This had been a recurring problem the last two days whenever we have tried to move forward sexually. Todd had even gone to see his physician, wondering if this were normal or indicated some problem. He had come home seemingly reassured.

Todd groaned in frustration as I sighed in despair.  He started to pull away, but I grabbed his hands and asked him to hold me. I pulled his hands under the edge of the shirt and up to my tits, squeezing his hands into their soft flesh.  Wiggling back against him, I felt that he was still hard.  Slowly, I ground against his stiff cock as he massaged my tits and pinched my long nipples through his shirt.

“That feels nice, Todd.” I moaned and ground harder against him.  Reaching back, I touched his hips and just held them as I moved my ass against him.  My heart was pounding as I slowly pushed his boxers down, but they got caught on his cock.  Pulling away a little, I slid my hand between us. I was trembling.

“My I remove your boxers, baby?”

He moaned and gave me a soft, “Yes. Yes, please,” as my hand rubbed over his silky, wet boxers. I felt his hard cock jump as I ran my palm over his length. Pulling his boxers down, I softly wrapped my hand and fingers around him for the first time.

“Oh, you feel so big,” I gasped. My dainty hand could not completely close around his girth. “Does it feel good, baby?” I asked.

“Yes. Mmmm, yes.” He started rocking his hips, sliding his cock through my hand and rubbing my bare back under the lifted tail of the button-down.

Suddenly he shook and his cock pulsed again. More of his hot cum shot out all over my back and hand.  I continue to hold his hard-on, my sex leaking juices down my legs.

“Sorry baby, It’s just… ”

I cut him off. “Shhhh, it’s okay. We are learning together, and you are having your orgasms because of me, right?”

“Yes, you are so amazing and hot.”

“Well, that shows me you love me and I can turn you on, and that is amazing and exciting.”

He rested his head on my shoulder and softly kissed and sucked my neck. I felt a slight twinge of pain as he nipped and sucked, leaving little hickies all over my neck.  His hard-on was amazingly still rock hard in my hand as I slid my hand up and down.  I release his shaft and spun around to face him. Reaching up, I took his face in my hands and pulled him down as I got on tip-toes.

I looked into his eyes and told him, “I want you to make me a woman—your woman, your wife, Todd.” Then I kissed him deeply and hard. We both trembled against one another as I felt his hard-on throbbing just below my breasts. Pulling back from him, I undid his shirt and dropped it from my body. For the first time, Todd set eyes on my naked form.

I gasped as I saw his hard cock for the first time, too. A sudden apprehension gripped me at the sight before me. He was so much bigger than me; how would he every enter me? I was clueless as to how much my womanly parts could expand.

I put a kitchen chair in front of him and told him to sit down. Stepping in front of him, I stared at his big throbbing hard-on, oozing pre-cum down its shaft.  I straddled his legs and took his face in my hands again. We kissed deeply as I reached between us and grabbed his swollen cock.

Todd started to moan loudly.  Not wanting to miss this, I pressed his cock against my very wet sex and push myself down hard. Crying out in both pain and pleasure, I finally became one flesh with my husband. My body trembled as his cum blasted into me, filling me deeply, and his cock jumped wildly inside me. We both cried and kissed deeply as I sat still impaled on his cock.

“Mmmm, you’re still hard.” I started wiggling around on him.  “What did the doctor give you?”

“He gave me a pill to help me stay hard even after orgasm.”

“Mmmm, I think it’s working. Let’s see what else feels good for you—and for me!”

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