Sexy Thoughts

Hey there, all you lovely married people. After a query about nudist resorts, I am back with another question.

By the way, our nudist experience was fantastic. It was at the Vritomartis Naturist Resort in Greece. There was no swinging, and no one was overly concerned about others. It was a great place to just be naked and enjoy yourselves.

Anyway, I want to ask the men out there:

How much do you want to surprise your wife, pampering her with gifts, surprise trips, etc.
Do you want her to be in nice sexy lingerie most of the time? How is it possible with kids?
Lastly, have you ever thought of fucking your spouse in public?

For example, I want to see my babe mostly in stockings, heels, and sexy lingerie, but we have three kids. Sometimes it’s very hard, and my libido and her wetness have to be compromised. Any tips and tricks?

Just some thoughts. I am looking for your answers to make our marriage all the more spicy.

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