Still Wanting

I will admit that over almost three decades of marital bliss, our orgasm statistics likely break down something like this. Mutual orgasm = 75%, me only = 25%, E only = 5%.

However, last night was far from the norm.  After a great Saturday concluded by a romantic dinner, E and I arrived home around 9 PM.  After a long embrace, she led me towards the upstairs staircase.  As we made out, we stripped each other down frantically, walking up the stairs. E lay at the top of the stairs on her back, knowing I love the view and access.

After peppering her with many full-body kisses and exploration with my hands, I went for oral delights. I made out slowly with her glistening pussy. I drove her wild with circular exploration of those outer folds, and probing with my curled tongue underneath her clit.  With anxiousness she tried pulling me up to take me inside her. I resisted, pushing her back and continuing my work.

E pleaded for me, tugging at my torso to pull me up. As I slid up, I placed my finger inside her, curling to hit the G spot, and rubbing her clit.  Immediately I could feel her inner walls contract.  We held this position for about a minute.  I rained down kisses on her lips and neck,  keeping my finger right where it was, to allow her release.

As she came down from this high, she pulled me up to come inside of her.  Once inside, I tried to go slow, as I wasn’t yet at the point she had reached.   However, it was clear she wanted more.  As I went slow, she tried to speed things up. She shifted her pelvis into me while lying on her back.  Without much patience, she moved and commanded me onto my back.

E straddled me, rubbing my firm member against her outer folds.  Her breathing sped up, and then she grabbed my cock to straddle me for the ride she badly needed. She wanted control to use my purple member at the pace and depth she needed.

For a few minutes, E rode me with fury until suddenly I could feel her cumming once again. This climax was even more amazing, as the contractions around my firm cock were indescribable.  As her inner walls’ vibrations covered me, I fondled her breast. I loved watching her take it all in, while her breathing was basically at a halt.  As the contractions stopped, E slowly started to shift her body off my still-hard cock.

I wanted her so much and was so eager for a climax myself, but I knew E was spent. We got ourselves dressed, went to the couch, and eventually fell asleep, both highly relaxed from an amazing evening.

However, I woke up this morning, and my cock has been at full attention craving her once again. She woke an hour before me and was up getting some work done.  I approached her and mentioned I was going to shower to get ready for church. She didn’t take the bait. I was so hoping she would follow me. I considered taking care of things myself in the shower. But I wanted to save myself for her on this glorious Sunday.  My mind currently cannot escape how badly I need to leave my seed inside of her.

I’m fantasizing how my needs will be met today. I am also curious how fellow Marriage Heaters treat this type of scenario, whether male or female. When your partner has gotten off, but you haven’t, what do you do? Are you more likely to finish things yourself or save that heat to engage your spouse in another round of intimacy?

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