Ideas for Bucket List

Over the years, we’ve written down many ideas, fantasies, and goals we hope to try for sexual adventures. Guy and I look for opportunities to include a bucket list idea in normal situations, or special occasions. So, we thought we’d suggest our ideas for the bucket list concept to MH readers to help keep the fires burning. In fact, we’d love to read your ideas, too.

Here are some of our favorites:

1.)  Video yourselves having hot sex – We’ve set up a video camera (or cameras at different angles ) and captured our lovemaking. Then we watch the private videos when we need inspiration.  For us, it works every time!

2.)   Set certain car-sex scenarios –

— After a trip, as Guy was driving, he fingered me to an orgasm. (Darned consoles make it too hard to give him oral.)

— I’ve even moved to the back seat and stripped completely naked (at night). He found a good place, pulled over, and we made love like teens.

4.)  Sex at weddings –

— I wear a dress that Guy loves with sexy panties that he picks out ( or go bare-butt ). We find an empty room or closet, and we have sex in there.

— Variations include oral pleasuring, various positions, phone-cam pictures or videos, etc.

4.)  Sex out in nature – We’ve had sex on the beach (at night), in a mountain stream (see our posts), and often in state parks. It’s liberating, but don’t get caught. We’ll post more of those in the near future.

5.)  Public risk – Check out our series on an erotic phone call. Guy and I  were in a nice restaurant. From the ladies’ room, I sent him a video of me masturbating. Then, on the way back to our table, I lifted my dress and flashed him. It was so hot!

6.)  The scene from a Hollywood movie-

— Regardless of what it is, if you two have a sex scene you find particularly entrancing, act it out with one another and see how it feels. One of our favorites is from Michael Douglas and Jeanne Tripplehorn’s passionate scene in Basic Instinct, but not as rough.

7.)  Home gym sex-

— As I write this, it’s one I’m making plans for.  Guy built a nice gym in our basement. He works out hard, and it shows. We’ve had sex in every room of the house; the bathroom, bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, family room, living room, stairs, and sunroom.

— This weekend, while he’s doing his Saturday morning workout, I’m going to surprise him and molest his body. His last exercise is  bench presses. So after a shower, I’ll  be naked under my robe, and I’ll catch him lying on his back. I’ll strip him, climb on him in girl-on-top positions, and ride him until he climaxes somewhere in me, his choice. Oral is a good option, too. I can’t wait!

These are a few of our ideas, most that we’ve done at least once. So, MH readers, we hope you’ll add your bucket list ideas, fantasies, and the results so we can enjoy them too.




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