Lesbian squirting session behind oblivious colleague

It starts with three ladies cleaning a hallway of a house. All are clad in crop tops and short shorts. One has headphones in and is oblivious to her colleagues. The blonde one uses this opportunity and goes over to start fingering her brunette friend. Fingering her so well that she splashes her juice on the freshly cleaned floor of the hallway. The two babes bring themselves to a nearby table as the oblivious one leaves the room. Once there, the blonde immediately starts licking at her squirting pussy. This quickly changes to the brunette playing with a vibrator. Her blonde coworker meanwhile masturbates on top of her face. Soon her pussy starts squirting like a geyser all over her lesbian friend’s face. After a close call getting caught by their coworker, the blonde gets an idea for a prank. She takes her coworker’s phone, puts it on vibration mode, and puts it on the brunette’s pussy. When their colleague starts looking for it, she offers a phone to call her to find out where it is. It turns out it’s behind the curtains at the brunette’s pussy. She leaves after not noticing her phone in the brunette’s shorts. The two girls get back to business, getting naked, with the blonde getting her pussy eaten out. After slurping up her juices, her friend lubricates a dildo with her mouth. Shoving it in and out of her throat. Before she starts slamming the toy into her faster and faster. Until she squirts all over the floor and the blonde on it. After which, the naked girls get to scissoring each other. Their bodies rub and sweat against each other, being helped along by their sweat. As the naked girls move, each feels the other’s pussy, their hard clits rubbing firmly together and their juices mixing. After a while, the girls switch to the sixty-nine position. With the brunette on top with a dildo to play with the blonde’s pussy. Blondie, meanwhile, can do nothing but put her hands on the brunette’s shapely ass and eat her heart out. They speed up, faster and faster, until they reach their peaks, making a big squirty mess of each other.






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