A vacation bet that created the hottest and wettest poolside foursome

A couple of hot brunette girlfriends are on vacation, and they love to spend time at the pool. The girls wear the tiniest bikinis and they know all the men get a hard-on just from looking at them. Every time they travel together they make a bet – which one of them is hotter and will fuck more guys. The girls want to settle the bet with two handsome guys at the pool this time. They already have some massive hardons, you can tell. They want to participate, so they start kissing and touching each other in the pool. The girls start competing at which one sucks dick better, can deep throat more, and choke on it. Soon they move indoors, and the girls are still sucking their cocks. The guys are enjoying themselves, fingering their pussies and pushing their dicks deeper inside the girls’ mouths. Finally both naked girls jump on top and put the hard dicks inside their pussies. The competition is getting heated! The boys have really big dicks so neither one of them can sit all the way. The naked girls turn around and start riding them cowgirl style while spanking each other. They then turn to face each other as they are bouncing their asses on dicks. Now they can kiss and suck each other’s nipples while getting boned. They are also rubbing their clits and talking to turn each other on even more. “Mmmm… This feels so fucking good!” the girls moan as they rub their pussies against the cocks together faster and faster. The boys bend them over the couch and take them from behind – doggy style. The girls keep rubbing their clits until they finally come. They got a bit tired, so they decided to switch. It wouldn’t be a fair competition if both of them didn’t try the other one’s dick. So far, they are all winners in that game.






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