Hairy pussies turn me on so much that I can cum many times

I don’t know why but girls with hairy pussies turn me on so much. This is why I’m instantly hard when Jessica shows off her hairy cunt in the pool. She turns around and bends over, pulling her bikini bottom to one side and rubbing her hairy pussy lips. My cock is throbbing hard with excitement. The hottie doesn’t waste time and immediately starts sucking me off. My pants are barely off of me, and she’s already there with my dick standing stiffly at attention. She’s grabbing me at the base and putting the head into her warm and wet mouth. Her pouty lips wrap around my tool perfectly, almost like they were made for it. Soon though, a blowjob is just not enough, and I flip her onto the back. In this position, she lifts her legs up in the air, giving me complete access to her gorgeous hairy pussy. I waste little time before I jam myself inside of her. Her snug wall strap around my tool with just the perfect amount of tightness to drive me mad with pleasure. I impale her with my thick meat over and over again, and all she can do is moan her pretty little heart off from the incredible pleasure I am showering her with. I can’t keep up this pace for long, though, and soon, I end up cumming right inside of her hairy pussy. She is insatiable and challenging, and she soon wants more. I get behind her, lift up one of her legs, and start pumping myself inside her cum filled pussy once again. Her now creamy insides are just as good as before, and soon, I’m addicted to her again, and I can’t stop myself. I ram as much of my length inside this tight pussy as I can, but it’s never enough. I need more and more. I keep on ramming myself inside, going harder and harder until I can’t hold it in anymore, and I paint her walls white with my cum. I can feel her pussy milking me dry. Huge amount of sperm is leaking out of hairy pussy but the little cum slut just wants me to keep cumming in her.






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