Stepsis wants some experience and asks me for help after I caught her in the bathroom

I catch my stepsis in the bathtub. I saw her jumping up and down on one of my mom’s long dildos. I see her thick ass jiggle with each motion she makes. I can’t keep my eyes off of my naked stepsister as she sits down on the corner of the tup and starts pistoning the dildo in and out of her young cunt. My stepsis is almost ready to cum, she starts moaning and her legs start shacking. Unfortunately she sees me though in the corner of the doorway. Later, after escaping that awkward situation, my sister comes to my room to ask for experience with cocks, which I gladly oblige after the bathroom incident. She takes my cock out of my pants at wraps her soft lips around my member. I can clearly see her cheeks hollowing out from the suction she uses on my dick. Her warm mouth feels heavenly around my meat. She clearly has some experience with this sort of thing. One thing leads to another, and my naked stepsister is on her hands and knees on the couch. “C’mon stick your dick in my snatch, go ahead” I just told her to relax and enjoy as I rubbed the head of my cock from her dripping pussy to her asshole. I slammed myself balls deep into her cunt and began fucking away doggy style into her. I see her heavenly ass ripple in waves whenever I slam my way inside of her. Her whole sexy and curvy body shakes under my ministrations. I can also very clearly see the tan lines where she wore her bikini bottoms; it just serves to accentuate her full, round ass for me.


I can’t help but put more effort into fucking her, speeding up my thrusting just to hear more of her hot, sexy moans and groans. We soon switch to the cowgirl position. My naked stepsister straddles me and uses her hands as support behind her. I have a magnificent view of her nice full tits and gorgeous pink pussy lips as she slams herself up and down my thick pole. Her face scrunches up cutely as she takes as much of my length as she can. When she reaches her first peak, though, she has to slow down, and I can feel her pussy trying to milk my dick for all that it’s worth. She is far from done, though, as she speeds up her actions again. She bites her lower lip sexily as her moans redouble in volume and frequency. My sister flips herself over them, letting me see that gorgeous ass once again. I can about get a peak at the tattoos she has at her sides. They are small things meant to spice things up when they are seen. I can really see that she’s ready to put in the maximum amount of effort for this position as she starts going the fastest she’s been going all night. Her walls are rubbing against my cock in just the right way, and I have to try my hardest to cum on the spot. When she leans down for more leverage, I’m sure she’s purposefully showing me her tight, inviting asshole as a teasing method. Well, if she wants to play dirty, so will I. I start slamming myself into her from below to increase her pleasure. This is too much for both of us as we soon cum together.






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