A ripped hunk bangs roommate in the ass when his girlfriend isn’t watching

A guy was visiting his girlfriend at the apartment she shared with a hot blonde bombshell of a roommate, Marta. His girlfriend was starting to lose interest in their relationship and him, but the roommate kept putting on tight sexy stuff and changing in front of him. She was the type of girl that most guys would’ve been too terrified to approach. She wasn’t just sexy; she was a phoenix. Her body was a mix between an hour-glass Betty Boop and cross-fit athlete. She had natural C-cup breasts and an ass that she’d developed into a work of art over her years in gym. Marta was one deadly gorgeous girl with a ridiculously hot ass! When she got naked and changed into a tight transparent shirt right in front of him, he decided to take action. He followed her to the laundry room and as she bent over to get the clothes in the machine, he started jerking off to her gorgeous big round ass in tight blue leggings. When she turned around and saw him, the hot babe pretended to be surprised but couldn’t wait to get her lips and tongue on it. She was on her knees, choking on his dick and he was getting harder. When she got his cock all nice and wet, he tore off her leggings, revealed her fantastic white ass, and put his dick deep inside her. He was grabbing her hips and pounding her hard from behind and she was loving that – she screamed and moaned loud enough so that everyone could hear them. He choked her and grabbed her boobs as he was tapping her. Then they got down to the floor, she was on top of him, turned around. He slid his dick in her ass and she loved it. That was when his girlfriend came in and got furious, threw a basket at them, and ran out. But they didn’t care. His cock felt too good in her asshole. They got back up to the room and used her bunk bed for all kinds of banging. He banged her ass through the wooden ladder and her pussy on the bed until she came.






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